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Sell with Jawa

Start selling on the #1 PC Gamer Marketplace

How selling works on Jawa

List It

Upload your high quality pictures and select your product. Our database of parts auto populates the specs for you!


Ship It

When your item sells, we'll email you a shipping label. Simply print and ship it within3 business days.


Get Paid

We deposit money directly to your bank account 2 days after the buyer receives the item.

We've got your back with the best Seller Perks
Earn More

Earn More

Our selling fees are among the lowest in the biz. Read more about them here.

Build with Community

Build with Community

Give us feedback on our Discord, vote on our product roadmap, help each other with build or tech help, and more.

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

We use Stripe (trusted by millions of sellers) to process payments.

Automatic Deposits

Automatic Deposits

Your money goes right into your bank account 2 days after delivery.

Join a vibrant Seller Community

Whether you're a casual upgrader with some spare parts to sell or are looking to make a living building PCs, join the ranks of these successful sellers.

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Trip Inc
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Why should I sell on Jawa?

  • Sell to a trusted community of quality gamers!
  • Receive excellent, personalized support to help set you up for success and grow your business.
  • Grow your audience by getting promoted on our social channels and email list (we have >60,000 reach!)

What fees do you charge?

We collect payment processing and platform fees for listings after they have been sold. You can find out more about them here.

We cover the extra costs of fraud protection and additional processing fees for Affirm (buy now, pay later).

How am I protected as a Seller?

A big reason we built Jawa is because we know how frustrating it can be to sell your beloved PC parts online only to get scammed or stuck in a months-long dispute process. We use very strict anti-fraud rules with our payment processor to prevent fraudulent activity.

Can I list my products on other sites?

Since items listed on Jawa are available for immediate purchase, we ask that you keep your items up to date. If an item becomes unavailable you can send the listing back to your drafts. We also have a Vacation Mode for putting your listings on pause!

How does shipping work?

You choose! Select Jawa-fulfilled shipping, which gives you access to our great rates at the postal carriers, or you can choose to provide your own label.

When do I get paid?

Sellers receive payouts directly to their bank account 2 days after the buyer receives the item. This ensures that we can protect against scammers and fraud.