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Earn More

Our selling fee is 6%, which is among the lowest in the biz. Sellers also pay a standard 3% payment processing rate.

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

We use Stripe (trusted by millions of sellers) to process payments.

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Exclusive Access

Jawa sellers get access to giveaways like this 3080 giveaway.

Automatic Deposits

Automatic Deposits

Your money goes right into your bank account 2 days after delivery.

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List 10 or more items that pass our price + authenticity check.

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Upload your high quality pictures and select your product. Our database of parts auto populates the specs for you!



We review your listing — Our team of PC hardware experts reviews each listing for authenticity + fair pricing.


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When your item sells, we'll email you a shipping label. Simply print and ship it within3 business days.


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We deposit money directly to your bank account 2 days after the buyer receives the item.

About Us

Jawa is built by a group of gamers + PC enthusiasts who are sick of being scammed and scalped on existing marketplaces. We knew there had to be a better way, so we built Jawa.

It all started with our Jawa Community Discord. We launched the site in July and have had tons of positive transactions since then.

Where it all began.

We Follow The Golden Rule

Price for others as you would have others price for you.
Buyer and Seller

No Scalpers

Jawa is a community within gamers, not a predatory place for scalpers. We only allow listings on the site that are priced fairly. We know that is subjective these days, so check out our #price-check channel if you'd like advice from our experts.

Happy Buyer

Build With Community

Before Jawa was a site, it was a Discord . Our members are giving us feedback, voting on our product roadmap, helping each other with build or tech help, and more.

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See what our real users have to say about Jawa.

October 14 at 11:19 PM

I joined the Jawa community based on a facebook post, way before they launched the actual website. We are a community of gamers and PC enthusiasts trying to buy and sell used and new parts alike at non scalper prices.

The people thar started Jawa are pretty chill, and are gamers/enthusiasts just like the rest of us. They're not charging eBay level percentages on sales, they're not selling us scalped items. They built the website (still Beta, and improving it) more recently, and it is going strong.

Within a few weeks of the site being up, one of the regular sellers announced to everyone he was listing AN item. He didn't give any of us advanced knowledge of it, and I was able to get the item he listed. I really wanted to hold out for a 3060 Ti, but the item he listed was only 439 including shipping. It was an XFX 6600XT QICK 308 Black. Everywhere else, people are scalping that card for $630-$750+, but instead of listing for that, the guy sold here at Jawa for virtually cost.

True to my own word, I didn't take my 960 STRIX 4GB card to eBay to scalp (could get over 200 bucks for it on eBay at the time) but I left it listed here until it finally sold the other day.

This is what makes Jawa great. Community, reasonable prices, even able to make friends in Discord. You just do not get that with eBay or Amazon, both of which also incentivize scalping.

October 15 at 1:51 AM

Jawa is a community of people who are passionate about computers and building them. I've met many nice people through them, and have been glad to be a part of the community. As for the website, the interface is intuitive and easy to follow. Not to mention, it's being updated constantly with new features. Prices are always great, and there's lots of chances for you to get to know sellers allowing you to form relationships with them. They follow through always on the no scalpin… See More

October 16 at 8:22 AM

The site is dedicated to helping gamers find people to buy and sell parts from. The community is kind, and everyone is willing to help. It is still new, but the group of people behind it are always putting in the effort to make the site and interactions better. Jawa has a lot of potential, and the people on it are some of the best you're going to find in the pc community. The community is small, and by proxy, the inventory is small, but that will change as more people use the… See More

October 16 at 8:19 AM

Great site with a friendly community. found quite a few deals and was finally able to get my gaming pc up and running. also would highly recommend joining the discord. i mean the picture should speak for itself. See More

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