Service Fees

Seller Fees

Last Revised September 12, 2023

Sellers are the cornerstone of Jawa's business and we're working hard to build the best marketplace for gamers. We do this by providing a secure and innovative platform, excellent customer and seller support, and having a team dedicated to your success.

Our goal is to help you make money while providing excellent service. Our platform and payment processing fees support our operations and development. These fees are based on the final transaction price (listing price or accepted offer price + manual shipping), and are deducted from seller payouts.

Payment Processing Fees

Jawa collects a 3% payment processing fee which is paid out to our payment processor. The fee is calculated based on the final sale of the item.

Platform Fees

Platform usage fees depend on when you signed up as a seller.

Users created on or after 9/12/23 have a 9% platform fee.

Users created before 9/12/23 have a 6% platform fee.

Listing Fees

Jawa does not charge any fees for creating a listing.


Shipping fees vary depending on whether orders are fulfilled by Jawa, or manually by sellers.

  • For manual shipping: standard payment processing and platform usage fees are withheld.
  • For Jawa-fulfilled shipping: no fees are paid by sellers (all relevant fees are incorporated into the price the buyer pays).

Buyer Fees

If a buyer checks out using Affirm (a buy-now-pay-later service), buyers pay a payment processing fee of 1% on their final purchase price which directly contributes to the additional costs of providing this service.

Disputes & Returns

In disputes and returns, the Jawa Platform Fee is returned to sellers.

Payment processing fees are collected by our payment processor, and are not returned to sellers.

Collected buyer fees (for Affirm checkout) are not returned.

What you get

  • We advertise your items on Instagram, Google, and other places where people search for gaming gear to make sure your listings sell as quickly as possible.
  • A seamless shipping experience and live tracking.
  • Seller protection against chargebacks and fraud.
  • Payment processing and payouts.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Supporting our mission of bringing a like-minded community together and getting gamers access to great gear at fair prices