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Hello, I am a casual gamer who enjoys Tomb Raider adventure type games, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen(sometimes),Spacebourne, Microsoft Freelancer and some FPS games but I'm only decent at Bioshock and some other games that catch my fancy but my true passion is building them. My current systems are:

Main system-Ryzen 7900x, aorus x670 ax,64gb ddr 5 6400 with a 4070ti, and 2tb and 4tb nvme drives inside an Antec Performance 1 ft case.

Backup system-Ryzen 7600 with a asrock b650 hdv/m2 mobo, 48gb ddr5 6400, rx 6700xt, 2 2tb nvme drives in a corsair 4000d airflow case.

Laptop- Not a big fan of laptops since they seem so disposable but I have Lenovo Ideapad 3 gaming with a ryzen 5600h, 32gb ddr4, and a 2tb nvme drive

I always like to get and give a good deal( and not have clutter and e-waste) so I try to price things I sell accordingly to not take a huge loss and sell quickly, and rest assured everything I have is meticulously cared for and since we are all pc enthusiasts I hope that my mantra is emulated when I buy something on here. Cheers and have a great day.