BA Gaming Rigs

Have you ever bought a product from someone who really, truly cares about what they're making and what they're selling? Who holds your happiness and satisfaction at or above the importance of their profit margin?

Sometimes as a society it seems like we've been well trained to accept the products and features that large corporations want to sell us, and not the one's we actually want. We roll along with the idea that when we get something new it may or may not do exactly what we want it to. Somehow we convince ourselves that the cheapest version of a product is also the best, that no one cut corners to get there and that they'll also stand behind that product if it fails. And when we call customer service and spend an hour on hold and have to pay to ship their broken item back to them and wait a month or two to get one back we hope will work better, we think that's the way it's supposed to be. At these end of the day all these things we accept get us a lousy product that fails too soon and leaves us unhappy with the experience.

Well screw that.

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If you want to buy something the way it SHOULD work, from people who actually care about their product, what it can do, and how it holds up, come check out the PC craftsmen at BA Gaming Rigs. A Gaming PC is a big investment, one you shouldn't trust to a faceless corporation that ignores the details of your build in favor of their bottom line. Instead, open a new door and see a new way, a way that blends old school quality with the latest in style and performance. Come see the BA Gaming way, and be a bad ass like us.