Hello! Nice to meet you ‘ , welcome to my bio!🔥

I am a professional PC builder; I also work as a diesel mechanic, as my main occupation. 🔧 I take pride in my work from the tiniest screw holding down a motherboard; the massive bolts that hold a semi together.

✨I am thankful for any and all support, purchases and support! For any support, assistance or questions about myself or a product; feel free to ask me! Or even Voice chat with me on JAWA.GGs discord, my user there is U4_cocoa_nut✨

I love gaming , ‘ chatting! And building things with my hands. I am an early graduate from school and plan on going to college once I can purchase my own house and land, I am hoping to one day become a pilot. All thought recently my lovely GF has gotten me interested in dinosaurs- Guess time will tell where I’m taken!

Thank you for reading my bio, and I hope you have an terrific day, night ‘ week or weekend!

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