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Hello! I'm VGS, the Video Game Specialist. I've been building and selling PCs as a side income since 2004. Originally just for friends and family, then while working at Circuit City in the late 2000s, Best Buy in the early 2010's, and Micro Center in the late 2010's. I now manage a local computer repair shop and build and sell PCs to help support my family!

What can you expect from VGS?

  • Six-core CPUs at an absolute minimum. For gaming and streaming these days, there's no excuse to have anything below six cores.
  • 16GB RAM in some basic builds, 32GB RAM in all others. Why purchase a PC that you'll need to put more memory into within a year? Get one with room to grow.
  • Minimum 1TB of SSD storage in every build. Games are huge, don't bother with systems containing 512GB or less of SSD. Some sellers try to supplement a tiny SSD with a big hard drive; many new games no longer run correctly off a traditional hard drive.
  • All additional hardware is included to add at least two more drives into every computer sold, including cables pre-routed if possible. You shouldn't have to go find extra screws and cables after your purchase just to add more storage.
  • Every build comes fully-assembled, with packaging foam to keep internal components in place during shipping. Windows is pre-activated on every build.
  • Every build is stress-tested for stability and temperature-checked prior to listing.

My business exists solely to supplement my family's income, so that my wife does not have to work some terrible part-time job and can, instead, stay home and raise our two-year-old daughter. All profits from sales on Jawa go towards food, books, toys, and other items to enrich our daughter's life. This is all on top of my full-time day job managing the computer store. It takes a lot of work in this economy to stay afloat, and I appreciate every single customer! Thank you all very much for your consideration in making VGS the store for your next gaming PC!

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