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"AMP" by The Glitch Lab

Dive into Zach's Friday Feature for expert insights into the world of PC building and flipping. This week, we spotlight the "AMP" build from The Glitch Lab—perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly yet upgradeable gaming PC. Tune in for invaluable tips and tricks!

"AMP" by The Glitch Lab

Welcome to Zach’s Friday Feature! As a PC building YouTuber and PC flipper, I have built and sold literally hundreds of gaming PCs and now I want to help Jawa users out by highlighting an awesome PC build every week and talk about it.

Today we’re going to be checking out the “AMP” build from The Glitch Lab and if you’re in need of a budget build with some upgradeability, listen up!

Favorite Features

  • Color Scheme Customization – Although I’m not a huge fan of the seller only showing pictures of the RGB products set to “rainbow puke”, a build like this can be controlled and customized to be whatever color scheme you want! Because all of the components are black/grey (minus the yellow on the top of the GPU), this means that you can set the RGBs to a single color for any sort of color combination that matches with black. Setting all the colors to blue/black, red/black, or even purple/black would look amazing. The fans, RAM, GPU, and motherboard all have lights on there so you can easily tune this to the aesthetic of your choosing!
  • Performance Upgradeability – The 2700X is certainly a solid option for a 1080p gaming PC like this, but being on the B450 platform allows you to essentially upgrade the CPU to whatever Ryzen chip you want so if you feel the need to refresh this later on down the line, something like a 5600X (or even a 5800X) would be a great upgrade path! The 1070 is also a great choice for this build, but this can be upgraded for more gaming performance to anything up to around the RTX 3060ish level with that Phanteks AMP PSU able to handle the extra load.
  • Reliable Components – Unlike most builds around this price point, The Glitch Lab put some seriously reliable and high quality components in here from top to bottom. The Gigabyte Aorus Elite B450 allows for some good overclocking and it’s baked with features including RGB, the Western Digital Black NVMe drive is a solid entry level SSD, and the Phanteks AMP 550W power supply is rated at the highest Tier A on the PSU tier lists.

Price to Performance Value

The simple price to performance (or FPS per dollar) on this one is already impressive with the 2700X and GTX 1070 for a $725 build, but when you combine that with the fact that the performance parts are surrounded with high quality and reliable components, the value in this build is one of the best on the platform! If you search for prebuilt gaming PCs under $750 on Amazon right now you’ll be met with options like the ugly and non-upgradeable HP Pavilion Desktop or “custom” builds with 5-10 year old parts and GT 1030 graphics cards, yuck.

First Upgrades

Like previously explained, both the CPU and GPU are able to be upgraded pretty significantly by themselves, but as a combo they are going to work really well with each other right now so there’s no immediate need for an upgrade. An already balanced budget build like would benefit from personalized upgrades that the buyer may need, such as a bigger/faster NVMe SSD, a large HDD for storing more media, or maybe even an upgrade to 32GB of RAM if necessary. Don’t be afraid to throw some black vinyl overtop that yellow coloring on the GPU or add some colored PSU cable extensions either! (Both preferred)


This is a seriously impressive “bang for your buck” (but also aesthetically pleasing) gaming PC and shouldn’t last on the platform for very long. If you’re a first time PC gamer looking in this price range then you won’t find many builds on the entire internet that can compete with this one for $750. The Glitch Lab has a proven track record too with 100% positive reviews and he’s definitely earned his spotlight in today’s newsletter with the “AMP” build!

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