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June Jawa Marketplace Report

Check out what's selling on Jawa

June Jawa Marketplace Report

Welcome to the June Jawa Marketplace Report - PC edition! Here, we spotlight the top sellers and the hottest gear that's making waves on Jawa. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just getting started, we've got the latest insights and highlights from the Jawa community. Let’s dive into the stats, trends, and upcoming hype that's shaping our marketplace.

Top PC Sellers by Volume

  2. PCs by Pepper
  3. NSX Gaming
  4. Gaming Workstations
  5. Forge Computers

PC Trendwatch
Last month, the trend was clear: white builds are taking over! Over 40% of builds were rocking that sleek, clean white aesthetic. It's a white hot gamer summer, with our community embracing that stormtrooper vibe to create rigs that are not just powerful but also stylishly pristine. Keep an eye out for more dazzling white builds as this trend continues to dominate the Jawa marketplace! 

Next Month's Hype
Get ready, Tarnished! The Elden Ring DLC release is just around the corner, and it's set to shake up the gaming world. With the promise of new content and epic adventures, gamers are gearing up their rigs to ensure they can experience the Lands Between in all its glory. Expect a surge in demand for high-performance PCs, especially those optimized for stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. 

Welcome New Verified Sellers

  1. Carter's Computers
  2. Nyan Tech
  3. NLG
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