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Why is This RTX 3070 Build Still Available?

Snag unmatched value with this sub-$1200 RTX 3070 build from Gaming Workstations & Services. Perfect for high-end gaming.

Why is This RTX 3070 Build Still Available?

The Nvidia RTX 3070 is a graphics card that I personally have my eye on right now and it’s because the value of the card on the used market is starting to get really juicy. It’s absolutely wild to see gaming PC prebuilts like this one from Gaming Workstations & Services be priced at under $1200 and a build like this shouldn’t last long on the market at all. Let’s take a closer look at the value on this one today.

Favorite Features

  • EVGA RTX 3070 FTW3 – Continuing on here, this graphics card is starting to really come down in price lately and it’s because a lot of RTX 3070 owners have their eyes set on the new 4000 series cards like the 4080, 4070, etc. And because Nvidia dominates the GPU market share, GPUs like this will continue to start pouring into the used market for lower and lower prices. We’ll be seeing a lot of builds like this one in the next few months where all of the parts are brand new except for a used GPU, but that’s perfectly fine. This is exactly how you snipe an amazing price to performance gaming PC, and this week’s featured build is a perfect example.
  • Silver + White – Long time ZTT fans will understand where I’m coming from here, but I personally have always had a knack for white and silver themed builds. I mostly don’t like them, but only because the color scheme is usually created on accident. A lot of builders attempt to build an all-white gaming PC but end up using some silver parts, and it just doesn’t look quite right. On the contrary though, you can clearly tell that a build like this was specifically targeting that color scheme and it turned out amazing. I love how the silver accents on the cable extensions match perfectly with the silver XPG Z1 2x8GB RAM kit. This looks super clean inside the Montech Air 100 case.
  • Intel i5 11400 – It’s getting a little weird to see an Intel 11th Gen CPU making an appearance as a new product inside builds today, but this is still a very valuable chip for PC gamers! This is a 6 core and 12 threaded beast with a max turbo of 4.4GHz and since this one has integrated graphics built in, this is a great build for editing videos in Adobe Premiere as well! Anyone want to become a gaming content creator? You can with a build like this.

Price to Performance Value

Unreal value here. Again, the RTX 3070 is usually sitting in $1400-$1700 builds right now so having it sit here for $1170 is absolutely wild. This is not only the cheapest RTX 3070 build on our entire platform right now, but this completely crushed other 3070 prebuilts from the bigger manufacturers in terms of value such as the NZXT Player:Two and the Skytech Chronos.

First Upgrades

Nothing on this spec sheet is screaming “upgrade me now” which is another reason why it’s a great option. Later down the line I would probably target a CPU and motherboard upgrade to whatever the latest generation is, but that’s absolutely not necessary right now as Intel’s 11th Gen is still very viable in 2023.


Gaming Workstations & Services delivered another banger with this RTX 3070 build and I love the price point that it’s at today. Now down 5% lower than the original price, at $1170 this build will be very hard to beat in terms of price to performance for any build between $1100-$1250 and the aesthetics are dialed in per usual as well!

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