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This Orange and Blue Could Be For You!

Dive into PC gaming with Gaming Workstations' budget-friendly build at $700. Powered by a 5600G and custom-painted 1660 Super, this rig offers stellar 1080p gaming and upgrade potential on the AM4 platform. Unique black, orange, and light blue aesthetics set it apart.

This Orange and Blue Could Be For You!

Update: this build sold! But check out all of this seller’s builds here

Gaming Workstations is at it again with another super valuable (and beautiful) budget build. Today’s feature would be a great first PC for someone just jumping into PC gaming, and since I’m writing this during the Steelers halftime, let’s not waste any more time…

Favorite Features

  • Budget Value for a First Build – Like stated in the intro, this would be such a great option for someone’s first gaming PC. The value you’re getting with a 5600G and 1660 Super is great for the $700 price range, but the aesthetics, cooling, and the rest of the part selection are dialed in as well! This build would pair perfectly with a 1080p 144Hz monitor which most gamers are currently using right now.
  • Custom Color Scheme – Black, orange, and light blue isn’t a color scheme that you see too often, but I absolutely love it here. Not only is the seller perfectly matching the light blue RGB colors with the CPU cooler and case fans, but I absolutely love the Funtin cable extensions matched with the custom paint job of the EVGA graphics card. Looks amazing!
  • Upgrade Potential – Per usual with AM4 builds, there’s a ton of upgrade potential on this build if you’re willing to stay on AM4 and not upgrade to the brand new AM5. The 5600G could be upgraded to a Ryzen 7/Ryzen 9, there’s room for more SSD space, and that 1660 Super could be upgraded as well. (But I wouldn’t do that, because the custom paint job is awesome here)

Price to Performance Value

As far as prebuilt companies go, most of them aren’t offering builds for this cheap of a price so you’ll have to buy a used build or a commission build. Compared to the rest of the platform and other places online, this is a very tough build to beat in terms of price to performance and especially the aesthetics. The value on this one drops a little bit if you aren’t in love with the orange/blue color combination, but if that’s up your alley then I would pull the trigger.

First Upgrades

There’s a lot of options that you could do here, but honestly I really like where it’s currently sitting. For a $700 build this is what I would consider perfectly balanced with the CPU, RAM, storage, and GPU, so it really depends on what the buyer’s goals/needs are. Personally, that 512GB SSD would probably get upgraded first to 1 or 2TB, but you could also upgrade the RAM to 32GB, jump up to a Ryzen 7 5700X, or maybe even upgrade the GPU to a current generation model. (You’ll lose the beautiful paint job in the process of that one though)


Gaming Workstations continues to dominate the platform and this build should sell quickly per usual. With 75 completed sold listings and a 100% approval rating, you can count on this seller to deliver value and I truly hope this one goes to a deserving home. Be sure to showcase it on the desk as well because it’s stunning!

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