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This Build Inside the Montech Sky Two Isn’t What We’re Used To

Elevate your gaming beyond 1080p with the latest drop from OutWest Builds! This high-end gaming PC is a must-have for enthusiasts. Check it out now!

This Build Inside the Montech Sky Two Isn’t What We’re Used To

I don’t typically feature what I would consider “high-end gaming PCs” on this newsletter often, so when I do, it’s for good reason. Multiple reasons actually. There’s a lot to love inside the latest drop from OutWest Builds and this kind of PC is for gamers that left 1080p gaming in the dust for good. Let’s take a look.

Favorite Features

  • Performance - There’s an RTX 3080 in here which although is a generation old at this point, it still packs quite a punch in 1440p gaming. The kicker though is that it’s paired with an omega CPU, the Intel i9 12900K. Wow, this is quite the top-tier performance combo, not to mention the 32GB of RAM that’s included as well.
  • Montech Sky Two - I’ve highlighted this before, but I’m in love with the Montech Sky Two case. The best thing that came out of the Lian Li O11 META was all of these “knock off” cases that tried to replicate the style, and this is one of the better ones in my opinion. The RGB fans look super clean and I love the overall aesthetic of the glass and PSU basement.
  • The Extras - Outside of the core performance components, there’s a lot of extras in here that really deliver value. This gaming PC prebuilt comes with a 2TB Kingston Gen 4 NVMe drive, the 12900K is cooled by an NZXT 280mm AIO, and the PSU cable extensions elevate the aesthetics department as well.

Price to Performance Value

For just the CPU and GPU alone, this $1500 build is already rocking some serious value, even compared to our competitive Jawa platform. However, none of those competitors are additionally rocking this clean of an aesthetic design paired with 32GB of RAM and a 2TB SSD. This is the complete package for anyone hunting for a $1500 gaming PC.

First Upgrades

Everything in this build will last for a really long time, nothing needs upgraded any time soon. Whenever the buyer decides that they do want more performance with a GPU upgrade, that i9 12900K shouldn’t need to go anywhere, but I would recommend upgrading the power supply to a higher tiered model.


I love to see when our Jawa Sellers stretch their wings a bit, and this prebuilt from OutwestBuilds is a great example. This seller has sold multiple PCs around the $1400 range, and this time they’re stepping it up a bit with higher performance and a slightly higher price. This will be the best build they’ve sold on Jawa so far and I hope it goes to someone deserving very soon!

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