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This Anime Themed PC is a Work of Art

Discover craftsmanship in the Jonsbo D30 case! This stunning gaming PC is a work of art, perfect for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

This Anime Themed PC is a Work of Art

Wow, now this is easily one of the best looking builds that I’ve ever covered on this newsletter before. I personally have no idea what I’m looking at in terms of the character/theme, but what I do know is that this is a gorgeous gaming PC inside the Jonsbo D30 case and it deserves some attention. Whether you’re an anime fan or not, I think you’ll at least appreciate the craftsmanship of this gaming PC prebuilt.

Favorite Features

  • Artwork - Because I don’t want to butcher any facts, let’s read the description from the seller about what we’re actually looking at here. “A Solid 1440p gaming PC themed around Junketsu, the Kamui worn by Satsuki Kiryuin from the anime Kill la Kill.” I can’t judge how accurate the artwork is compared to the anime, but no matter what, this is a gorgeous design. I love how the decal on the front of the case matches the design on the LCD screen of the AIO, and even the RGB colors are all matched up to align with the artwork on the glass side panel. This is a stunning piece of art.
  • Performance - Artwork aside, let’s talk about performance real quickly. There’s an Intel i5 13500 (14 cores, 20 threads) and an RTX 4070. This gaming PC will absolutely hammer any game in 1440p and can certainly stretch to 4K gaming if the buyer wanted to.
  • ASUS Dual RTX 4070 White OC Edition - This is easily my new favorite model for the RTX 4070. ASUS crushed the design on this one, and it obviously matches up perfectly with this build today. For your own research, this card retails for around $650 brand new, and it’s sporting 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM.

Price to Performance Value

No one that’s seriously shopping for a build like this is only interested in price to performance. You’ll obviously want decent value in a new prebuilt gaming PC purchase, but it’s not the highest priority. Across Jawa you’ll find other RTX 4070 builds priced just a tad bit lower than this one (on average about $70 less), but this build is obviously selling towards someone that’s looking for a conversation-piece on top of their desk.

First Upgrades

This mATX gaming PC has everything that you need right off the bat. It has a great CPU and GPU performance combo, there’s already 32GB of RAM in here, and the SSD is 1TB. I would recommend enjoying this build for a few years, and then addressing whatever shortcoming you think it has in the future. The Intel i5 13500 can be easily upgraded to a 14th Generation i5 or i7 model, but again, no rush is needed on that.


Builds and sellers like this are why I love Jawa. Commenter’s PC is showcasing yet another stunning banger of a build here, and this isn’t their first time making it onto my list. If you’re looking for a top tier gaming PC and you specifically are vibin’ with this theme, then fire away.

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