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The Triple Crown (Aesthetics + Performance + Reliability)

Featured inside the beautiful NZXT H510 Flow, and featuring all brand new parts, this build is extremely valuable in terms of both price to performance and smiles per dollar.

The Triple Crown (Aesthetics + Performance + Reliability)

ABV-PCs has sold several builds on our platform so far, but this Ryzen 5 5600 and RX 6700XT build is easily the best looking one to date! Featured inside the beautiful NZXT H510 Flow, and featuring all brand new parts, this build is extremely valuable in terms of both price to performance and smiles per dollar. Anyone in the same room as this build will definitely be taking a closer look.

Favorite Features

  • Reliability – Like mentioned in the intro, the seller states that all of the parts are brand new which is something that a lot of first-time buyers will be interested in. Not only that, but they also included pictures of Heaven Benchmark and Cinebench to prove that the system is running like a well oiled machine and it’s ready to go to a new home. ABV-PCs is also offering a 1 year parts and labor warranty which you love to see.
  • Cable Management – Now I’ll admit, cable management inside the NZXT H510 Flow is one of the best experiences on the market because of the cable routing options and pre-installed velcro straps. As you can see the seller certainly took advantage of that! The rear shot photos proves that a lot of time went into properly managing all of these cables, (there’s a lot with the extensions and 4 RGB fans/hub) so it’s great to see this much attention to detail even where most people aren’t even looking.
  • Design – Another white and black build takes the cake this week but it’s always for good reason. The white and black cable extensions, paired with the DeepCool AK400, Delta RGB RAM, and especially those Antec Fusion case fans just look amazing together and this is a work of art. Per usual, the buyer will be able to select virtually any color scheme they want as those RGB fans will contrast nicely using any color matching with the white and black theme.

Price to Performance Value

To properly compare the price to performance value in this one, you’ll most likely have to be looking at Ryzen 5/Intel i5 + RTX 3060Ti builds. Most pre-built manufactures still aren’t going with the much better valued RX 6000 series GPUs, and the 6700XT that’s featured in here will actually trump the 3060Ti in a lot of scenarios. Most websites features a 3060Ti PC in the range of $1200-$1400, but none of them get anywhere close to the design and color scheme as this one.

First Upgrades

This may sounds silly, but since this PC is 100% ready to start gaming right away, the first “upgrade” I’d actually recommend is switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Now being out for over a year, Windows 11 is certainly ready for prime-time gamers and most PC flippers and sellers should be installing it on their builds now. Outside of that, there’s 2 extra RAM slots to upgrade to 32GB for around $65, and the B550 motherboard allows the buyer to upgrade to a better CPU all the way up to the Ryzen 7 5800X3D if they’re looking for the best gaming experience possible.


I love to see the progression in gaming PC selling from ABV-PCs on this one. I personally believe this is their best work yet, and I’m excited to see them continue to thrive on the Jawa platform! This 5600 + 6700XT build is a high performing piece of art and it’ll probably sell pretty quickly!

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