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The Things I Find on Jawa Sometimes… 🙈

Dive into nostalgia with TuskerPCs' project: an OG Xbox turned into a gaming PC. Forget modern aesthetics; revel in retro vibes and unique craftsmanship!

The Things I Find on Jawa Sometimes… 🙈

We’re going to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled programming about aesthetic gaming PCs with amazing price to performance, I hope you don’t mind. Today we’re checking out the exact opposite description, a PC that’s rocking aesthetics from 2001 and price to performance that’s about as bad as it gets. Somehow I still love this project from TuskerPCs because what we’re looking at is an OG Original Xbox that was converted into a gaming PC! Wow.

Favorite Features

  • Modding - Now hopefully everyone’s up to speed on why we’re looking at this PC today, it’s clearly not because of the value or price to performance. But rather, let’s appreciate the serious modding work that went into this project because at first glance, this looks exactly like the original Xbox. When you look at the insides of the build you can see that everything was completely redone in here and I also like the addition to the power cable and HDMI port that you can see from the back. Really great modding work!
  • Hardware - The Intel i5 10500T and AMD RX 6400 can definitely still play games nicely in 1080p, this is a very capable gaming build still. I’ve personally built with the RX 6400 several times because it’s one of the best low profile GPU options on our market right now, and as long as you’re playing with the right settings (usually 1080p/Low), you can still play most games on here without a problem.
  • Nostalgia - There’s probably a ton of people reading this newsletter right now that this won’t apply to, but anyone that was gaming back in the early 2000’s will resonate with this build. What you’re looking at here used to be the ultimate peak of performance and gaming entertainment, and it’s what every kid wanted. For someone that’s into collecting “old” consoles or retro gaming in general, a custom modded PC like this will be a perfect addition to their arsenal.

Price to Performance Value

As I said, that’s just not the point of this kind of build. Let’s move on.

First Upgrades

This is also a questionable category for a modded build like this, and I’m honestly not entirely sure what’s possible. In terms of storage, the seller already included a 2TB M.2 SSD, so there wouldn’t realistically need to be a reason to upgrade that. There is however a 2x8GB kit of RAM in there, so if you wanted to use this PC for more than just gaming, you can easily upgrade this to 32GB if you wanted to. For the graphics, the RX 6400 is the best option right now for low profile GPUs other than super expensive Nvidia RTX workstation models, so you’ll probably stay right there. And finally for the CPU, it would all come down to the motherboard which isn’t listed in the posting, as well as how much the 240W Pico Power supply could handle.


This is a super awesome modding project that I hope sells here on Jawa because I love the innovation and uniqueness of a project like this. It’s OK to step away from the META PC builds every now and then and take a look at projects like this, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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