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The Sandcrawler 5/9/22

This week on the Discord: DeatheTech is live streaming a build you can buy, learn to replace your own GPU, and the May giveaway launched.

Greetings Jawas,

This week on the Discord: DeatheTech is live streaming a build you can buy, learn to replace your own GPU, and the May giveaway launched.

Read on for details, and join the conversation.

[💬] general

Did you know @Deathetech has been live streaming builds?

Deathetech: May 6th at noon MST I’m building a 8700/3060 build that will be selling for $1000…Maybe I’ll do a special discount code for viewers of the stream

Subscribe to the Jawa YouTube channel for future streams

[🚀] learn-to-build

How do you replace your CPU and GPU if you need to?

Supersop: Power off the entire system for this.
Cpu and cooler: unscrew the cooler clean off thermal paste on both the cpu and cooler, unlatch the cpu retention mechanism and gently take the cpu out

Gpu: push the little black lever on it, unplug the pcie cable if it has one and unscrew it from the case

That’s the lever ^

To install the gpu: line it up with pcie slot, push it in till it clicks, screw it to the case, plug the pcie connector.

To install a cpu: line up the triangle on the board with the chip and make sure it’s facing the right way then gently seat it in don’t push or anything at all. For the cpu cooler it depends on the cooler but it should come with instructions and most are fairly straightforward to install.

read the full conversation here >

[🚀] hardware-ama

Would there be a big gain from the 3900x to the 5900x?
Use case: gaming, streaming, video content
GPU pairing: 5700xt

Community Answer: Not huge, around 15%

What are thoughts on cards that were used for mining for 2 months and for about 16 hours a day. Would they be worth it?

Community Answer: You’d need to see pictures of their temperatures and operating environment.

Some people hate cards used for mining and others see no difference between regular used and mining used if the miner mined responsibly.

[🌐] giveaways

Alright we have so much going on in giveaway land:

NOAB $1 PC winner has been chosen!!! You will see one of our recently sold PCs is not like the other. Congrats David C.! @NOAB confirmed the validity of the entry via video call, he’s happy to answer any questions in 【💬】general!

May the 4th be with you all! If you haven’t seen, our May giveaway is live! This is an insane one…a custom watercooled gaming PC built by @DeatheTech with some help from @Shawner (MMPCs).

enter the giveaway here >

[🌐] new-drops

There were 65 new listings dropped this week. Some of the highlights:

  • “Pandora” Gaming PC — $999.00
    PC has been cleaned and optimized to play the most popular games – Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, GTA RP, etc.

GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 3050 8GB XC
CPU: Intel Core i3-12100F 3.3 GHz

Need an Invite? We got you.

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