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The Sandcrawler 5/16/22

Join us this week on Discord as DeatheTech takes you through a live build featuring metal tubing. Don't miss out on the 65 hot sales on parts and PCs, and get all your pressing hardware questions answered. Read more and be part of the conversation!

Greetings Jawas,

This week on the Discord: DeatheTech live built a PC with metal tubing, 65 parts and PCs went on sale, and tons of hardware questions were answered.

Read on for details, and join the conversation.

[💬] general

Kylo: I’m busy watching the deathe jawa stream and the front window waiting for the ups truck

Kylo knows what’s up. Over on the Jawa YouTube, Rand and DeatheTech played Apex Legends and DeatheTech live streamed a build with metal tubing.

Jawa live stream of a build with metal tubing

[🚀] ask-a-mentor

So I’m potentially starting a storm in here, but why would someone on a budget get Nvidia over AMD?

Gtech: Honestly it comes down to brand preference, mostly. Now, NVIDIA does have some better encoding performance with NVENC and stuff which could help out streamers on a budget. They’ve also proven to be faster in certain productivity workloads.

Oyako PC: AMD reputation suffers from past (and sometimes present) driver issues. They also fell victim to Nvidia marketing the crap out of ray tracing to make everyone want it (and thus punish AMD for being bad at it). Most people building their own pcs will understand the AMD vs Nvidia in more detail. The market for prebuilts is different since most buying complete systems are looking for “RTX ON” and not an argument regarding rasterization performance of AMD cards vs Nvidia cards.

Matt (REVCORP PC): Honestly it’s just a bandwagon in general. Nvidia has been a household name in the gpu space far longer than AMD.

read the full conversation here >

[🚀] hardware-ama

What wattage SHOULD I have for my 1080 and soon to be 11700kf?

Community Answer: Nvidia says min 500W for the 1080 which would be the primary driver assuming nothing super crazy is going on in your system, you’d be good with a quality 550W

In the event you come across bent CPU pins, as long as you get them back into position, the CPU should still work, right?

Community Answer: If you can bend them back then they should work

Are the MSI VENTUS RTX cards any good?

Community Answer: They’re the equivalent of evga xc black models. Or gigabyte eagle models. Very barebones but gets the job done. Some have plastic shrouds. And no rgb.

[🌐] collabs

Jawa Rand: We’ve partnered with kayjayohpcs on Tik Tok, check it out 👀 Also don’t forget to like and blow up his comment section!

check out the collab here >

[🌐] new-drops

There were 92 new listings dropped this week. Some of the highlights:

  • Custom 2700X | GTX 1070 Gaming PC — $650.00
    A purposefully built 1080p Gaming PC from parts bought new or acquired from friends. Windows 10 Pro installed & activated. All software, firmware, & drivers are installed & up to date.
  • AMD Radeon RX 6700XT — $485.00
    Open box, unused 6700XT. Selling as I upgraded and have
    no need for it.
  • Hokosaki 2.0 矛先 | i5-12400F + RTX 3060 | AAPI Month Special Discount — $1399.99
    Hokosaki is the Japanese word for spearhead inspired by the sharp (heh) design of MSI’s premium GUNGNIR 100 case. This system is chock full of RGB components allowing you to fully customize your battle station inside and out. The RAM modules allow for further RGB effects tweaking through MSI’s Mystic Light software.

[🌐] patch-notes


Major update to search and form inputs across the site, mostly thanks to @SashaTyrba

Single search overlay for mobile, slightly restyled search bar UX.

Search filters update via button click (not automatic). Desktop search bar categories work like checkboxes.

Replaced autocomplete inputs in product listing and address selection

Fixed placeholder Markdown guides (especially in product listings) for mobile browsers

Most forms moved to Typescript, styles rewritten for consistency

More consistent layout rules / transitions between small, medium, and large displays


Fixed Google login bug (change on their end broke page security policy)

Fixed missing search filters when clicking category from homepage

Fixed issue where search page would trigger unnecessary network requests

Fixed issues with chat redirect (after logging in on product listing page)

Fixed misc. signup / login / reset password issues


Fixed crash in profile settings page


Fixed bug where listings with quantity > 1 could not be updated

Fixed rare transaction cancelation bug when saving changes to listings

Fixed mobile profile settings layout

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