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The Sandcrawler 4/18/22

This week on the Discord: PC builders checked their prices, a new giveaway was announced, and much hardware advice was given.

Greetings Jawas,

This week on the Discord: PC builders checked their prices, a new giveaway was announced, and much hardware advice was given.

Read on for details, and join the conversation.

[💰] price-check

@Oyako PC asked for feedback on pricing a new build…

Oyako PC: 12100F + 3060 build for $1100ish sound reasonable?

zef [ Builds by Zef ]: insane

Shawner (MMPCs): ngl i wouldnt say insane, depending on the rest of the parts, if its aircooled, 16gb with like 500gb of storage in a midrange case and with a decent psu, i think thats a real fair price

Oyako PC: I can use a 6600 and bring it below 1k I think but no one’s been buying any 6600 builds hmmm 🤔

Have something to add? Chime in or check your own prices >

[🚀] ask-a-mentor

What are the risks and advantages to buying used GPUs? I found a product on here and I’m not sure whether I should go for it or not.

Oyako PC: Biggest risk is that it’s doa and you have no buyer protections. Advantage (before gpu shortage hellscape) is price. If you found something here you can buy it and have 2-day guarantee so you should be fine even if its doa,

Sir ProvidenceLaw: On Jawa, buying used GPUs is pretty safe. If it’s more than a few years old, you might not want to consider it, but generally if a GPU is a few years old and hasn’t failed, it probably isn’t going to. If there’s a defect in a GPU it generally makes itself known fairly soon. The downside is that you usually have no warranty, but if you take care of it (if it doesn’t look super filthy like the owner never cleaned it) then you’re likely safe.

read the full conversation here >

[🚀] hardware-ama

What CPU / platform should I build a PC with an RTX 3060 Ti on?

Community Answer: 5600x

What PSU would you pair with a 5600 and 6600?

Community Answer: 1000 watts… jk 600watt in reality. Gives buffer of oc and should be in the efficiency curve.

Is it possible to run a motherboard that requires 8 pin + 4 pin with no issues?

Community Answer: Yes, just limits overclocking options.

[🌐] giveaways

You thought our giveaways stopped here? This time we’re giving away an EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti FTW3 ULTRA! And this time we’re teaming up with @ZachsTechTurf !

enter the giveaway here >

[🌐] new-drops

There were 52 new listings dropped this week. Some of the highlights:

  • PS4 Slim — $250.00
    PS4 Slim haven’t used it much, comes with controller and possibly an account, I’m willing to negotiate price 150-250
  • Intel v.s AMD mid range gaming PC build — $1200.00
    If you’re looking for a good midrange pc to play games like elden ring, cyberpunk, Microsoft flight simulator, and other hard to run games without breaking the bank, this PC is for you!
  • Kiwami 極み | All Black 12700KF + RTX 3070 Ti PC — $2649.97
    Kiwami is the Japanese word for the best – the absolute height of a skill or craft. Do you want peak performance with zero distractions? This custom build’s all-black aesthetic delivers maximum frames with no rainbow puke to speak of.
    Now that the GPU shortage has passed (more or less) I can also offer upgrades to any in-stock GPU of your choice.

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