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The Blizzard Isn’t Over Yet

Beat the winter chill with the "Blizzard" PC by TheCrwster's Cruising PCs! Equipped with an i3 12100F and RX 6600, this budget-midrange build is perfect for 1080p gaming

The Blizzard Isn’t Over Yet

Most of us in the United States got absolutely slammed over the weekend with freezing temperatures and a ton of snow for some, but today’s feature is keeping the storm alive with the “Blizzard” PC from TheCrwster’s Cruising PC’s. This is a budget to mid range brand new build that features the i3 12100F and RX 6600 and it’ll play any game you throw at it in 1080p. Let’s bundle up and take a look.

Favorite Features

  • CPU + GPU Combo – The i3 12100F and RX 6600 is one of the best budget choices for a brand new gaming PC right now. This Intel model is much better than what people think, please don’t let the “i3” tag fool you. This combo can play literally any game in 1080p with some pretty solid results and the included cooler on the CPU matches the build’s aesthetics as well!
  • Winter Vibes – Not only is the light blue and white color scheme a home run for this winter weather, but I absolutely love how the seller took their pictures of the build with some actual snow in the background outside. These are some seriously cozy cold weather vibes and I would personally love to have a hot cup of coffee next to a build like this.
  • Lian Li 205M Mesh – This is a pretty solid and compact case if you haven’t seen it before. It comes with the 2 RGB fans in the front behind a mesh panel for a good amount of airflow, and the form factor is perfect for someone looking for a true medium/mATX sized footprint. It’s also super clean looking and there’s spots in the rear and up top for extra fans if you want more airflow or RGB.

Price to Performance Value

Again, we don’t have competition at this price range from a huge system integrator company, they don’t belong at this price range. (They couldn’t compete with a lot of the Jawa sellers on here for sure!) In terms of competition on the Jawa platform, there’s only 2 other RX 6600 builds that are cheaper than this one, but those both feature half of the storage and a CPU that’s 2 generations older, this one is the best valued in my opinion.

First Upgrades

There’s a lot that you can do here, which is a good thing. I would first start with simply adding some extra fans, at least get an exhaust fan in the back. You can add a bright blue one back there to balance out the color scheme, and then you’ll have a more even airflow setup as well with intake and exhaust. After that, you’ll be able to piece things together over time depending on where you need more performance. If you want to upgrade to an i5 or i7 you’ll also want a better motherboard, and you can also upgrade that RX 6600 a bit for when you’re ready to jump into 1440p. (Remember to sell your old GPU here on Jawa to offset the cost!)


I’m loving the winter vibes on this one and I’m sure someone else will soon too! This is the best RX 6600 value build on the platform right now, and it has the aesthetics and design to match it! To whoever buys this, please take a coffee picture with this build blurred behind your cup, I want to see it! ☕❄️

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