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Some Great Budget Options from R³ Tech

Missed the last deal? R³ Tech's got you covered! Discover their $550 Ryzen 5 2600 & GTX 980 build, perfect for those seeking performance and aesthetics on a budget. Also, check out their upgraded $750 version!

Some Great Budget Options from R³ Tech

This PC has sold but a similar one is available from them here!

More and more people are interested in $500-$750 range right now, so I have an option for you that fits there perfectly! This $550 Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 980 build is a huge hit for both performance and even aesthetics on a budget! Although I’m diving into this one today, I really like this upgraded $750 version that R³ Tech has posted as well.

Favorite Features

  • Ryzen 5 2600 + GTX 980 Combo – This CPU and GPU combo is pretty solid for such a low priced gaming PC build. The 2600 allows you to get the full performance of the 980, which is still kicking hard here in 2023. The 980 with 4GB of VRAM can still play pretty much any title you throw at it in 1080p with decent FPS numbers. The seller lists what FPS you can expect in the posting and as you can see he’s measuring with High and Ultra settings, pretty impressive.
  • Color Scheme – You don’t often see such a color coordinated build around the $500 range, so of course I’m the person that’s going to snipe it out and talk about it. I absolutely love how the seller used white vinyl wrap on the power supply to match the white RGB colors, white/black extensions, and the RGB on the RAM as well. This looks amazing.
  • Warranty – You don’t always see this when a seller is building with several generations old hardware, but I love that they are including a 60 day warranty on all of the parts. This allows buyers to shop confidently knowing that even though it’s aging hardware, they’ll still be covered if something goes wrong with the seller.

Price to Performance Value

The current market price of a used GTX 980 is right around $100, so the $550 total build cost makes sense here. There’s a few other GTX 980 builds on Jawa right now for around a similar price point, but I believe this is the best put together one on the platform and you’re also paying for a reliable purchasing experience. Getting a completed system that looks amazing paired with a 60 day warranty is definitely solid value at this budget price.

First Upgrades

The first thing I would upgrade in a build like this is adding extra storage. 512GB is enough to get you started with applications and a few games, but most people are going to require 1TB at some point. The ASRock B450M/ac motherboard only has one M.2 slot unfortunately, so you’ll need a complete replacement if that’s the route you want to take. Otherwise, feel free to add a beefy 1TB or 2TB 2.5” SSD using one of the SATA ports.


I’m really liking what I’m seeing with these budget builds from R³ Tech. I think this one has the most value and will sell the quickest, but be sure to check their page out for some other options as well!

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