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Seller Sunday: AMA with Attack Computers

Check out this week's AMA with Attack Computers!

Seller Sunday: AMA with Attack Computers
Meet Attack Computers, one of our top sellers on Attack Computers is known for their wide selection of PCs for every gamer in every price range. They have even received a shoutout on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel for their expertly crafted builds!

In this AMA, Attack Computers shares tactical advice on how to grow a PC business, take photos that stand out from the crowd, and much more.
  1. What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who’s looking to start selling on Jawa?
    My advice is to build a reputation early on, even if that sacrifices profit per build. Attempt to get around 10 sales under your belt, gather what you learned, and apply that to your work. Also, be a genuine person, help customer issues, and create a human to human connection, something buyers value.

  2. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made so far when selling on Jawa and how would you recommend a new seller avoid it?
    My biggest mistake is attempting to get too broad too fast, something many companies suffer from. I recommend sticking to your successful strategy, building upon that, and experimenting with new builds and ideas gradually.

  3. What is the hardest part of the process of selling a gaming PC?
    The most important and difficult part in my opinion is allocating funds to parts in the build, and setting a maximum budget for parts and the build BEFORE parts are ordered. This is critical as you need to follow these rules to maintain a profit.

  4. What are your favorite resources to use for PC building?
    The PC building community is one of the best, most tight knit communities in the entire internet. There are amazing influences like ZachsTechTurf, Linus Tech Tips, JayzTwoCents, the Toasty Bros, and so much more. Consume as much knowledge as you can, as knowledge is powerful, and knowing the beat deals, metas, and parts are key to expanding your business and becoming an informed consumer.

  5. What is your camera setup?
    You don't need an amazing setup to create captivating pictures of your products. Get a well lit room, with some simple lighting for your items. Also use a decent background, quality camera, and photo editors if needed. You can even use a good phone camera, with a lot of these features built in, and ready to upload to Jawa. I am known for using colorful backgrounds, which I recommend if you want to stand out from the competition, or perhaps if you lack a proper background.

  6. How do you decide which market to target?
    I started off heavily targeting and providing services to budget gamers who want to begin their PC gaming journey. From there, I expanded, hitting around 4 prices consistently. The main ones I target is $250-350 (Budget), $450-650 (Low-End), $800-1100 (Mid Range), $1200-1500 (High End), and a future target $1700+ (Ultra High End).

  7. How do you consistently make a profit on your PC builds?
    I have preached the best way to sell and make profit on Jawa is:
    - Find a price range you want.
    - Find builds with certain GPUs, CPUs, RAM, and SSD combos around that price.
    - Search up specific builds that contain some of those parts.
    - Get a list of parts, and price your PC at or below what the average price is for the PCs comparable to yours.
    - Order parts, get your final cost, and price it according to your judgement, previous sales, and the pre-determined price you had set. Your profit will be whatever you made that is left. This can average between $80-300 depending on many factors.

  8. How long did it take you to grow your business to where it is now?
    I started selling seriously in late 2022 on Jawa. My total initial investment was $500, which grew to a lifetime sales of around $40,000 dollars in 2023 across all platforms, mainly Jawa. You can quickly expand your money, and reinvest profit back into the business. I started with my popular $300 Optiplex builds, which are easy to get $80-120 profit, so start with more budget PCs.

  9. What is something that you do differently, or try to do differently compared to other sellers?
    I like to generally do 3 things to stand out. One is to provide builds to the main 4 price ranges consistently. Two is to use listing backgrounds to stand our compared to others. Three is to aim at or below most other builds to give customers the best price to performance. This paired with maintaining a great reputation and verified seller status gives me a unique offering.

  10. Which component or component combination is selling the best for you right now?
    I will give some good combos for different price ranges which I like, and not all of them are well known.
    -Budget ($250-350): I5 6500 or 7500 + GTX 1060 6GB or 1650 4GB
    -Low End ($450-650): Ryzen 5 3600 or 5500 + RTX 1080 TI or RX 5700XT/580 8gb
    -Mid Range ($800-1100): Ryzen 5 5600x or 7500F + RTX 3060 TI, RTX 3070, or RX 6700XT
    -High End ($1200-1500): Ryzen 7 5700x or Ryzen 5 7600x + RTX 3080 10GB or RX 6900XT/7800XT
    -Ultra High End ($1700+): Ryzen 7800X3D or Intel i9 14900K + RX 7900XTX or RTX 4080 Super/4090These in my opinion are by far the best combos in the game.
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