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Off-White by Fanta'sTech

Check out Zach's Friday Feature spotlighting Fanta'sTech's Off-White Gaming PC! A budget-friendly 10100F + GTX 1080 build that offers both style and performance. Don't miss it!

Off-White by Fanta'sTech

Welcome to Zach’s Friday Feature! As a PC building YouTuber and PC flipper, I have built and sold literally hundreds of gaming PCs and now I want to help Jawa users out by highlighting an awesome PC build every week and talk about it.

You may have heard of Off-White shoes, but have you seen the equally as clean Off-White Gaming PC build that Fanta’sTech just posted? This 10100F + GTX 1080 build is definitely worth taking a look at today for not just the name, but also for this part selection and budget friendly price!

Favorite Features

  • Aesthetics – I have to put this one at the top this week, because the aesthetics are almost 100% dialed in on this one, especially for the price! The cheaper DIYPC case allows the builder to spend more money on aesthetic upgrades such as those Asiahorse RGB fans and the cable extensions and the move definitely paid off. With the all white (or off-white) design you can change the color scheme to be whatever you want with the multiple RGB options, although I’d argue keeping it white is the best option. (Purple looks beautiful as well)
  • Easy Upgrades – There’s a ton of options to choose from on how the buyer can upgrade (which I highlighted down below) but I love this build specifically for how easy some of these would be. Applying some white carbon fiber vinyl on the PSU will really tie the white color scheme together, and if you need more SSD storage that Inland Pro 256GB NVMe drive can easily be swapped out for a 1TB model.
  • AirflowFanta’sTech packed this mATX case to its absolute fullest and you’ll get some great cooling temperatures with this config. Even though it’s a bit overkill (but appreciated), I love the inclusion of the 2 extra top fans and how he even put 2 fans on the CPU cooler for extra cooling. One thing to note is that I would highly recommend swapping the orientation of the top front fan (directly above the RAM) to be exhausting air out the top. You don’t want one of those fans to be intaking and one of them to be exhausting, and 9 times out of 10 you want top fans exhausting to avoid sucking falling dust in to the case.

Price to Performance Value

Per usual on this newsletter, the Off-White Build has no competition against large prebuilt manufactures and especially not on places like Amazon. For $750 you’re getting the bang for your buck Intel i3 10100F, 16GB of RAM, a GTX 1080 (almost RX 6600 level of performance), and over 2TB of storage! This similarly priced prebuilt on Newegg is one of the top sellers under $750 but only gets you a GT 1030 graphics card and 8GB of RAM for reference.

First Upgrades

Like I mentioned above, adding a $4 white vinyl strip on the visible side of the power supply would turn the aesthetics game up several notches after 2 minutes worth of work. I would also consider first upgrading the SSD if you want to store more games on a faster drive, and finally being on the H570 platform allows you to upgrade that 10100F up to something like an 11600K or 11700K if you wanted to.


The Off-White build from Fanta’sTech made the newsletter easy this week, this is a finely tuned aesthetic build for a really great price! It’s also easy to upgrade, already has all the cooling and RGB products that you need, and they are also throwing in a USB WiFi adapter if you aren’t interested in the objectively better ethernet option for less lag and more headshots.

Amanda Stefan profile image Amanda Stefan