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Kurenai 紅 by Oyako PC

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with Zach's Friday Feature! Explore Oyako PC's budget Kurenai build and get triple discounts when you donate to a relevant charity. Learn more!

Kurenai 紅 by Oyako PC

Welcome to Zach’s Friday Feature! As a PC building YouTuber and PC flipper, I have built and sold literally hundreds of gaming PCs and now I want to help Jawa users out by highlighting an awesome PC build every week and talk about it.

Not only is Jawa celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, but one of our sellers in the AAPI community is offering discounts on his gaming PCs if you donate to one of the relevant charities!

Oyako PC has this beautiful (and budget) Kurenai up for sale and he’ll offer you a triple discount on the build if you donate to one of the listed charities. Win win!

Favorite Features

  • Budget Friendly – $450 for a completely assembled and ready to rock 1080p system is already hard to beat anywhere on the internet. But if you donate $20 to one of the AAPI funds on the posting the seller will give you a $60 discount on the build which drops this to less than 400 bucks. This Ryzen 5 1600 and RX 470 combo can handle any game you throw at it in 1080p (provided you tweak the settings) and is a fantastic starter PC for anyone looking to jump into PC gaming on a budget.
  • Easy Upgrade Paths – Although a little older at this point, the AM4 B350 platform allows you to still upgrade the Ryzen 5 1600 to a much beefier CPU later on down the line without having to replace the motherboard. Upgrading to a RAM kit with faster speeds will boost gaming performance because of the Ryzen CPU as well, and you can easily throw more storage into this build if you need the space.
  • Trustworthy Seller – Oyako PC is actually a Japanese-speaking father/son computer building duo and they’ve been a long time seller on the platform with a flawless track record! At 42 items sold with a 100% positive review rating, it doesn’t get much better than this! You also love to see how they are taking their own profits away from the build to put into the AAPI Heritage Month charities to triple match the buyer’s donation.

Price to Performance Value

There aren’t many reliable options on the internet for this $450 price tag ($390 with the donation) and this is almost as good as it gets. Even if you were an experienced PC builder or flipper, it would be pretty tough to beat this total price. If you search on places like Amazon for builds under $500, you’ll see PCs with graphics cards that are older than a decade and with Intel CPUs that were launched in the same year as Gangnam Style.

First Upgrades

There’s a lot of upgrade options to choose from on this one! The 1600 and RX 470 pair pretty well, but the 1600 can easily be upgraded at any time for more CPU horse power. The RX 470 can be upgraded as well, but I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it until you upgraded the CV550 power supply. You can also get a RAM kit with 3200 or 3600MHz speeds for more CPU performance, and that 250GB SN530 will probably fill up fast if you’re a gamer.


The Kurenai build can achieve solid FPS numbers like 150+ in Valorant, 100+ in Fortnite, and even 60+ in Warzone and for $450 (or $390) this is a deal that won’t last long. Feel good about jumping into our PC gaming community with a budget build like this that benefits the AAPI community, and you’ll also have a system that can be easily upgraded to hold you over for the next few years!

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