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Jawa Verified Seller: Cypress Gaming PC

Meet Jason of Cypress Gaming PC in our Featured Seller series. New to Jawa but already sold 8 builds! Also a gaming podcast host & mod for Nerd on a Budget. Learn his story!

Jawa Verified Seller: Cypress Gaming PC

Hi! Welcome back to our Featured Seller series where we interview our Jawa Verified Sellers to highlight their business and story. It’s crazy that Jason at Cypress Gaming PC just joined Jawa this month, but has come in strong, already selling 8 builds on Jawa! He’s clearly no stranger to the biz and industry – he runs his own gaming podcast, is a mod for our good friend Nerd on a Budget, and you can find him in our discord regularly.

Tell us a bit about you! How would you describe yourself?

I surely describe myself as a kid at heart – I love gaming and technology. The idea that a computer can open up an endless realm for people to play, work, and connect with others is amazing to me. What a bargain to a realm of endless possibilities.

I’ve been gaming since I was a kid, and I want to bring those good memories to everyone I serve now, either with selling them a budget gaming PC, or talking about games with friends on our gaming podcast.

What do you do in the world of PC building or PC parts in general?

I mostly acquire gently used PC parts from my local market and sell them to others at a bargain – you’d be amazed at how far a PC can go even when it doesn’t cost $3000. I love talking with my customers and seeing their setups after they get the PC home – bringing people from console to PC is so much fun!

When did you start selling on Jawa and how did you find out about us?

I recently did a podcast with Danny over from Nerd on a Budget, and he led us toward Jawa as a place to sell/buy online without all the crazy fees. I’ve previously sold on r/hardwareswap and eBay, but have been mildly frustrated with both of them for different reasons. Jawa has been great so far and the community is very helpful.

Is this a part time gig, full time job, or hobby for you?

This is just part time for now – I work full time in Technology as a System Administrator. I’d love to focus full time on selling computers to the gaming community in the future though.

How would you describe your style when it comes to your builds?

Price to performance. I’m not too good at making really sick looking builds that end up on r/battlestations, but I love making affordable computers that still look nice and simple.

Are you a Linus Tech Tips or Steve from GN kinda guy?

I love both of these content creators for sure, but you can only watch so many videos of a smart man explaining why a power supply is horrible for 30 minutes to you…

What’s your most memorable PC building experience?

A lot of my local clients are teenagers – and they love making the move from console to PC. They will be happy with their rigs and then text me pictures of their desk and how much they love it. Then I’ll get a text from their friend who is jealous and now THEY want a computer! The chain continues until I’ve helped out the entire friend group. So much fun.

What is your favorite build for sale on Jawa right now (yours or another seller’s)?

My “Mewtwo” build is certainly my first attempt at a work of art. I have a degree in Film Production, so I tried to use what I learned there in that build. The reception has been great! (sorry y’all…the build has since been sold…but def message him if you want a similar one!)

Who are some people who made a difference to you in this community (Jawa or PC gaming in general)?

Nerd on a Budget has such a great message – PC gaming doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Being smart with your finances, and upgrading only when it is feasible to you (not when your favorite content creator says you should) is really responsible. Danny has done a great service to the Jawa community and Tech YouTube as a whole.

Favorite Jawa emote?

Want to stay in touch with Jason?

Check out Cypress Gaming PC‘s store on Jawa, listen to his gaming culture and lifestyle podcast, subscribe to his YT channel, and follow him on Instagram to see his latest builds!

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