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Jawa GPU Market Update: August 2023

Never buy a new GPU again. Your FPS will thank you.

GPU prices have remained relatively stable

In August, the average sale price ticked up compared to July. The main reason behind this bump was 40 series card purchases driving up the average. But guess what? If you're eyeing a 30 series card, now is a great time to purchase, as 3090 and 3080 Ti cards saw some pretty real price drops from July to August..

It’s also still a fantastic opportunity to score a deal by considering used or older cards. And here's a hot tip: the 10 series cards are a total steal when compared to their shiny, new counterparts on Amazon.

When it comes to picking the right specs for your setup, think about what you're planning to do with your PC and the games you love. You might be surprised to find out that you don't need to break the bank to get the performance you want. And if you're scratching your head about what specs are right for you, hop on over to the Jawa discord, where our experts are always ready to lend a hand

Ready to find your next graphics card? Grab one here on Jawa.

(Don’t forget to trade in your old GPU for cash with us first)

Where do our numbers come from?

All of the data for GPU prices on Jawa comes directly from the Jawa marketplace. It is just anonymized sales data that we hope is helpful to other gaming hardware nerds like us.

We also layer in data from a few other sources. The current Amazon pricing is taken directly from Amazon. We used the pricing from more than 600 GPU listings on Amazon to find the averages. To get the average FPS for each card, we used the benchmarks from Tom’s Hardware’s GPU Hierarchy.

Amanda Stefan profile image Amanda Stefan