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Insane budget build by Gaming Workstations & Services

Catch Zach's 10th Friday Feature spotlighting a budget-friendly gaming PC by Gaming Workstations & Services. This Ryzen 5 3500 build offers 1080p gaming, color customization, and high-end aesthetics for just $650. Don't miss this Jawa gem for gamers!

Insane budget build by Gaming Workstations & Services

Welcome to Zach’s Friday Feature! As a PC building YouTuber and PC flipper, I have built and sold literally hundreds of gaming PCs and now I want to help Jawa users out by highlighting an awesome PC build every week and talk about it.

Hard to believe we’re on our 10th feature already, but this week’s build from Gaming Workstations & Services is definitely worthy of the milestone honor! If you’ve been hunting for a budget/mid-range gaming PC that can play any game in 1080p, you’ll want to check this one out!

Favorite Features

  • Underrated CPU – Most people aren’t fully up to speed on the Ryzen 5 3500, but if you are then you’ll already know that this is a seriously slept on CPU. Everyone is familiar with the 3600, but this 3500 version is just a touch slower (100 MHz) and doesn’t support hyper threading, which is still a great budget alternative if you’re purely focused on gaming. With 6 cores, 6 threads and a turbo frequency of up to 4.1 GHz, this is still an amazing CPU to pair with a mid range graphics card for 1080p gaming.
  • Color Options – I’ve mentioned this before on the newsletter, but I absolutely love when PC builders give the seller the option on the color scheme. By designing this PC to be all white with RGB products, you’ll be able to select virtually whichever color scheme you want, and this is highlighted on the 2nd photo in the build posting. I personally really like how the red/white and blue/white combos look. Super clean!
  • Budget Price, High End Aesthetics – Aside from the color scheme options, there’s a ton of other details in here to make this $650 build look much more expensive than what it is. The white cable extensions, a case full of fans in every slot, and especially that design work on the power supply are always appreciated. That ASUS TUF 450W power supply is a great model for the price, and the stickers that it comes with take it to a whole new level.

Price to Performance Value

You won’t find many builds from the prebuilt manufactures priced this low, but in terms of value compared to the entire used market this one is pretty solid. The 3500 and 1650 combo is still great for 2022 1080p gaming action and you may find it for slightly cheaper elsewhere, but I guarantee it won’t have the aesthetic and performance combo that this one does. If you search on Jawa for custom PCs between $600-$700 that are listed right now, this one stands out from the bunch in a big way. (This $639 build and this $700 build would be my next two options in this price range by the way)

First Upgrades

Another great “feature” about this build is the upgrade potential. For the performance side of upgrading, having a B450 motherboard means that you can scale the CPU all the way up to Ryzen 5000 series chips, and that GTX 1650 can scale along with that as well if you wanted to. (Do be aware that the 450W power supply can only take you so far so that would probably need upgrading as well). The storage could also use a little bit of a boost if needed, 128GB of SSD storage isn’t that much (500GB HDD also included), so feel free to slot in another M.2 NVMe drive. I’d recommend some budget options like the WD Blue SN570 or the Teamgroup MP33 if you’re trying to save some money.


A Jawa Selling veteran on the platform, Gaming Workstations & Services produced another great budget option for our feature this week. Take a look on his page to see some other builds at the $800 and $900 mark if you want a little bit more power, and also don’t forget to peep that 100% positive review rating as well.

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