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Ice Cold by Builds by Zef

Discover the Glacier by Builds by Zef: a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing gaming PC. Features 32GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD, and customizable RGB. Perfect for gaming and multitasking.

Ice Cold by Builds by Zef

Sorry for the little absence there on the Friday Features, but we are back today with an absolute freezing gaming PC, nicknamed the Glacier from Builds by Zef. Their description says this build is “the perfect choice for a higher performance and aesthetically pleasing PC” and honestly I couldn’t agree more.

Favorite Features

  • Extra Ram + Storage – Not only is the CPU and GPU combo on point, as you would expect from Builds by Zef at this point, but the extra components like the 32GB of RAM and 1TB NVMe drive are a huge value add as well. This extra RAM and SSD space not only ensures you can multi task while gaming and keep a ton of them installed, but this build could also be a productivity or content creation workhorse as well. My kind of build!
  • Aesthetics (Obviously) – Easy one. I’m a sucker for all white builds and the Glacier ticks all the boxes for an aesthetically pleasing gaming PC. Not only does this look amazing in it’s stock all white configuration which is displayed in the photos, (amazing photography work by the way) but you can also control the RGBs on those upHere Case Fans to change this to any color scheme that you want.
  • Attention to Detail – The aesthetics can only be dialed in if you pay attention to the small details. I love that the seller used the white cable extensions, the ASUS B550M motherboard with white/silver accents, and the white AIO choice is perfect as well.

Price to Performance Value

Getting close to that $1200 range does indeed mean that there’s room to move the scale from aesthetics to performance, and if performance is the only thing you’re craving then this probably isn’t the build for you. At $1160 you can certainly build your own PC with a little more gaming performance with a 3060Ti or maybe even a 3070 right now, but this all white build is leaning more towards the aesthetics and if that’s what you’re looking for than the value is there. Cyberpower and Skytech are both offering similar gaming performance with their builds for a bit cheaper, but they aren’t including the extra SSD and RAM and certainly coming nowhere close in terms of aesthetics.

First Upgrades

The Glacier doesn’t need much attention after purchasing, and with the AM4 platform now officially moving on to AM5 later this month, not a ton of upgrades would make sense right now. If you were looking to upgrade pure gaming performance then you could certainly upgrade the RTX 3060, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless it’s a meaningful upgrade to a card like the RTX 3080 or higher. This is an incredibly well balanced build and it’s ready to rock.


Builds by Zef nailed this one. This 2 person selling combo on the platform continues to satisfy customers with their 100% approval rating and I have no doubt that their next customer that buys the Glacier will be happy as well. If you’re looking for an all white gaming PC that can also be a workhorse when it’s time to get more serious, then look no further.

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