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Hurry! The Vault Door Is Back Open!

Act fast on this Ryzen 5 5600X and RTX 3070 build from JaysPCVault. A steal that won't last long. Upgrade your gaming experience now.

Hurry! The Vault Door Is Back Open!

Showing off yet another gaming PC that’s inside JaysPCVault, today we have this Ryzen 5 5600X and RTX 3070 build that you’ll have to act fast on. I featured a build from this seller just 3 weeks ago and the build sold pretty quickly, and I have a feeling history will repeat itself with this one again. Let’s take a look before it’s too late…

Favorite Features

  • The Total Package – This build has it all whether you’re into gaming, streaming, content creation, coding, design work, etc. I love that they put 32GB of RAM in here, a super beefy 700W power supply to handle upgrades in the future, a 1TB SSD, and even the motherboard has built in WiFi and Bluetooth. This one is going to make my “First Upgrades” section down below a bit boring this week.
  • Endless Color Options – As you can see from the various pictures, you’ll be able to set the RGB colors of this build to whatever you want. The 4 case fans match up perfectly with the fan on the CPU cooler so it all looks integrated as one and it’s super clean. The black and grey cable extensions match with pretty much any color scheme too, and the entire interior of the build is black as well. These are some great choices aesthetically for a mid to high end build like this.
  • Same Day Shipping – I personally haven’t seen this advertised before on the website, but JaysPCVault is advertising that he ships out the builds the same day as the order if they are placed before 4PM PST. That’s absolutely huge to see and when you deal with a lot of different sellers on marketplaces, this is a welcomed treat. I hope we see more of this in the future from our top sellers.

Price to Performance Value

An RTX 3070 PC for $1250? That should already paint the picture of the value on this one. You just don’t see that kind of price to performance with prebuilt gaming PCs, let alone a brand new one like this that’s also rocking 32GB of RAM and super clean aesthetics. I do see a $1000 RTX 3070 Gaming PC on Jawa as well with a slightly older CPU, but honestly if that one doesn’t get snatched up I’ll probably be writing about it next week. Both of these are some serious value.

First Upgrades

As I stated, this is literally the total package. Absolutely nothing jumps out as a necessity for upgrading first, so it’ll come down to where the buyer specifically wants to put more money. You can upgrade to a Ryzen 7 if you need more cores, you could grab a Gen 4 NVMe drive if you want more speed and/or more storage, and the entire build can handle a GPU upgrade if you want to get further into 1440p or 4K gaming.


I’m starting to love when the vault doors open up to JaysPCVault and I’m excited to see more of what he has to offer. It’s great to see when a seller can consistently sell aesthetically pleasing builds that still have great price to performance, and he even has a good deal on an RTX 2060 Super that I honestly might snag up right now, I gotta go. ✌️

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