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Gaming the System, Literally

Dive into today's Friday Feature: an all-white budget gaming PC by Gaming Workstations & Services. Squeaky clean and ready to shine in your setup!

Gaming the System, Literally

Sometimes I feel like these PCs are built specifically for my Friday Feature series, and this is certainly one of them. A budget gaming PC that’s completely white and looking squeaky clean? Yep, that’s going to get featured here. Welcome back Gaming Workstations & Services, let’s take a look at your latest offering!

Favorite Features

  • The Obvious – To anyone that’s been keeping up with this newsletter series (first off, thank you) this selection will come at no surprise. I’m absolutely a sucker for a clean white build and when a seller can pull it off on a low budget, that’s money! And the best part is that it doesn’t cost that much money either. Typically all white builds mean that the total PC cost is super expensive, but if it’s done correctly like this one, then you can build and sell them at affordable rates. This $625 gaming PC looks like it costs over $1000!
  • Ryzen 5 3500X + GTX 1650 Super – This is still a great combo for 1080p gaming and will be able to play any game you throw at it if you tweak the settings. This is the type of combo that I’d personally recommend if you’re trying to jump into PC gaming on a tight budget, and there’s plenty of room to upgrade both of these components later on down the line.
  • Extra Storage – This seller knows how to sneak in extra value for the buyer, and they’re doing it again with this build. Although there’s no NVMe drive in here (yet), there’s still a 256GB T-Force Vulcan SSD which will be plenty fast enough for Windows, and then there’s also a massive 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD in there as well. The buyer will most likely want to upgrade to an NVMe drive in the future for faster speeds, but starting out with over 2TB of storage is great.

Price to Performance Value

A build like this is only truly competing with other listings on Jawa, and we do actually have some crazy competition here. After searching between $600-$650 this one is easily the best aesthetic build available right now, but in terms of performance it’s pretty solid but not the best. I see some other builds with GPUs such as the 5600XT and the 1660Ti which would produce better FPS numbers. In terms of value, you’re definitely paying for the aesthetics in a build like this.

First Upgrades

As I mentioned earlier, I would elect to purchase an NVMe drive pretty early on. If you get a 1TB drive, then that will be enough to store both Windows and a decent game library so you don’t have to run the games from the 2TB HDD.


Another budget white build lured me in on this one, but if you don’t mind paying a little extra for the clean design then this could certainly be a solid budget option for you! If you’re someone that’s after pure price to performance then I would consider other options, but you won’t find any that look this good at this price range!

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