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Don’t Be a Buffoon, Buy the Monsoon

Discover the Monsoon by Hammy's Gaming Emporium: a top-tier gaming PC at $1220. With a 12400 CPU, RTX 3060Ti, and 1TB WD Black NVMe, it's a high-performance, aesthetic marvel.

Don’t Be a Buffoon, Buy the Monsoon

Finally switching away from an all white aesthetic, today we are checking out the Monsoon build from Hammy’s Gaming Emporium. This one is an instant sheeesh; everything from the price to performance, aesthetic, photography, and even the build posting are on point and this one definitely deserves some recognition. Let’s take a look…

Favorite Features

  • S Tier Parts List – I absolutely love the part selection that Hammy went with for this build. Not only is the Monsoon featuring a fan favorite Fractal Design Torrent Nano, but everything from the CPU choice to the power supply are top notch selections. For the main performance parts, the 12400 and EVGA RTX 3060Ti are great choices, and I love the inclusion of a high end WD Black SN750 1TB NVMe drive as well as a Gigabyte Z690 board that will allow you to upgrade a bit in the future.
  • S Tier Aesthetics – The design and aesthetics are completely dialed in on this one too, as you would expect. I’m a huge fan of utilizing the stock Intel cooler (on the more budget 12th gen chips like the 12100(F) and 12400(F)) and building the color scheme around it. The light blue Asiahorse cable extensions look amazing next to the RGB in the Delta T-Force RGB RAM as well as the RGB’s in the case fans.
  • S Tier Posting – Not only is the built itself great, but the posting to go along with it is about as good as it gets. The photography needs to be commended too as the lighting, framing, and perspectives is perfect, and the description shows the potential buyers everything that they need to know. After a little introduction, Hammy lists out the exact performance the PC can produce in both 1080p and 1440p with the specific FPS numbers and settings listed, and they also included the new/used condition for each individual part. If you’re a seller on Jawa, take notes on this one!

Price to Performance Value

The value here is solid, especially when you consider how much aesthetics and performance you’re getting for $1220. If you built a PC yourself, you could certainly achieve a bit better with going with a rival AMD graphics card instead (so much value in cards like the 6700XT right now) but you won’t find a prebuilt that looks this good AND performs this good for anywhere close to this price. Corsair is currently selling a lower performing 5600X/3060Ti gaming PC for $1749 that doesn’t look nearly as good, and honestly it just wouldn’t be fair for me to compare this built to any other prebuilt seller right now.

First Upgrades

Just like last week, there’s not much to do with a build like this. I don’t think anyone should buy a build like this with the intention of upgrading right away because it’s already dialed in, but you do have some upgrade options in the future if you want to. The Z690 motherboard will allow you to upgrade to an i7 if you wish, but the 12400 and RTX 3060Ti are a great combo just how they are.


This is easily the best listing that I’ve personally seen on Jawa so far. This is the very first product listing for Hammy’s Gaming Emporium so they definitely have experience selling somewhere else, but overall I think this is a fantastic start to their Jawa adventure and I have a feeling we’ll see more of their builds featured in this newsletter in the future!

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