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Check Out This Desktop from Jay’s Shop

New on the block, Jay's Shop impresses with a Ryzen 5 5500 & RTX 3060Ti build. Top-notch in price-to-performance and aesthetics. Let's explore why this build is worth your time and money.

Check Out This Desktop from Jay’s Shop

Today we are checking out one of our newer sellers on the platform to mix things up a bit, and Jay’s Shop is starting off strong with this Ryzen 5 5500 and RTX 3060Ti build along with the other builds that he’s sold so far. For this build specifically, it certainly checks off my boxes with price to performance and aesthetics, but let’s dive a bit deeper into why I think this one is worth your time (and money).

Favorite Features

  • RTX 3060Ti – Although it’s stated in the posting that the GPU is used, this is the reason why this build can be priced as low as it is. Brand new RTX 3060Ti builds are still very tricky to get at that $1000 mark, especially for a prebuilt, so I’m personally all for using this as an advantage here. I do appreciate that he also listed that the temperatures of the used ASUS RTX 3060Ti are still well within range (50°C while gaming and 62°C while stress testing) and that ensures that the product is still good to go despite having a previous owner.
  • Montech Air 100 – It’s no secret that I’m in love with this case. The Montech Air 100 is perfect for both PC flippers and buyers as it includes everything you need for an aesthetic PC at a low cost. The 4 preinstalled RGB fans can be controlled to whatever color scheme you want, there’s adequate air flow for proper cooling, and the footprint is right at that sweet spot mATX medium sized range.
  • XPG RAM Kit – I don’t typically highlight RAM kit as one of my favorite features, but here in December of 2022 I’m really hot on this product. The all white XPG kit has been going on a ton of sales lately and I’d highly recommend it to any PC builder trying to put together a white system. It not only looks super clean inside builds like this one, but the value of the 3200MHz kit competes with simple black kits as well and I just love how minimal the look is.

Price to Performance Value

Being priced at exactly $1000 (before shipping from Ontario, Canada) certainly opens it up for some competition. If you compare this one to the big manufacturers like CYBERPOWER or iBUYPOWER, most of their $1100-$1200 builds only contain an RTX 3060, and even compared to the rest of the Jawa competition this is certainly up there. You do need to factor in the higher shipping cost from Canada of course, but right now I’m only seeing 2 other 3060Ti builds for this price point.

First Upgrades

Per usual, this PC is ready to go right off the bat. However, there are a couple of things I’d consider upgrading within the first year or whenever you get the upgrading itch. Firstly I would probably boost up the Ryzen 5 5500. It’s capable right now for 1080p gaming for sure, but there’s a ton of upgrade potential to a better and faster Ryzen 5 or even a Ryzen 7 model. I would also recommend throwing Windows 11 on there because the seller is only including Windows 10, obviously not a huge deal but that’d be my personal preference. Every other upgrade would be the standard approach depending on if you personally need more RAM, storage, etc.


I really like the first couple of builds that Jay’s Shop is throwing up on our platform to include this one. An RTX 3060Ti gaming PC priced at $1000 is super competitive and he’s already figured out the photo taking and PC aesthetic game which most sellers are often lacking. I hope this one goes to a new home soon so we can see the next PCs that Jay has to offer!

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