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A Tiny Build with BIG Performance 👌

Fancy ITX systems? Check out Commenter's PC's latest build, featuring an Intel i5 13400F and RTX 3070 in a Phanteks Eclipse P200A ITX case. Stunning and compact!

A Tiny Build with BIG Performance 👌

This one will definitely hit the sweet spot if you fancy smaller ITX based systems. Inside Commenter’s PC’s latest build we have an Intel i5 13400F and an RTX 3070 inside the Phanteks Eclipse P200A ITX case and it’s simply stunning. Let’s take a closer look.

Favorite Features

  • Phanteks Eclipse P200A – The case is definitely a crowd favorite and I’m personally a big fan of it as well. Some people may be turned off by the top PSU mounting location (I’ve never understood this mindset), but I think PCs inside of this case can still look amazing like the one we’re looking at. With the RGB popping from the case fans, radiator fans, GPU, and the AIO, this little PC gives off the impression that it’s punching above its weight class for sure.
  • CPU and GPU Combo – I’m personally a huge fan of the Intel i5 13400F and RTX 3070 combo right now. For any brand new build priced between $1100-$1500, you just can’t go wrong with this price to performance combination of parts. The 13400F is perfect for people that want the latest Intel i5 performance without spending a ton of money on the unlocked 13600K version, and the RTX 3070 is great for people that want to play any game in 1440p without breaking the bank.
  • ASUS Strix Components – Both the B660-I Gaming WiFi motherboard and RTX 3070 GPU are ASUS Strix models which are also crowd favorites. The ASUS Strix lineup of parts have been top tier for years and years now, so you know you’re getting a high quality product with this sticker installed.

Price to Performance Value

The value of this PC is actually super solid when you factor in the performance, aesthetics, and form factor. ITX parts (such as the motherboard and PSU) come with what we call an “ITX tax” which usually raises the total build price, but that’s not really an issue here. Even for a full sized build, $1300 is pretty solid for any DDR5 based 13400F/3070 system, so I love this as a value play. There’s a few cheaper RTX 3070 builds listed on Jawa right now, but none of them are ITX so if that’s the form factor that you’re looking for, pull the trigger on this one.

First Upgrades

There’s literally nothing that I would recommend doing for the first year or two of owning this PC. The 32GB of RAM is already upgraded to the latest DDR5, the performance components are balanced perfectly and will last for several years in 1440p gaming, and even the fans are swapped out for the Lian Li SL140 Unifans. This PC is ready to rock and roll and simply needs a gamer to enjoy it at this point.


If you’re in the market for a smaller ITX based system in the mid ranged 1440p level of performance and budget, here’s your build! Commenter’s PC has this build completely dialed in for both performance and aesthetics, and this PC will provide someone with several years of some high quality gaming action.

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