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A New Seller Enters the Chat

Discover DeLeonTech's debut listing: a Custom White Gaming PC under $1000! Equipped with an Intel i5 12400 and RTX 2080 Super, it offers top performance and sleek aesthetics. Upgrade your gaming setup with this budget-friendly powerhouse on!

A New Seller Enters the Chat

You probably haven’t heard of them yet, but this first ever listing from DeLeonTech is not only rocking some quality performance components, but the aesthetics of this Custom White Gaming PC are ultra clean as well. For less than $1000, this Intel i5 12400 and RTX 2080 Super build is obviously worth diving into this week.

Favorite Features

  • Upgradeability – Just like the seller says in the intro, this build was designed with upgradeability in mind and whoever buys this will have a few options to go with. (I’ll highlight those in the section down below) Just know for now that there’s some flexibility if you’re looking at a build like this for a long term play
  • Attention to Detail – One of the first things that I look for when deciding these postings is the photography, which probably isn’t a surprise to some. In my opinion, if a seller is willing to go the extra mile and truly dial in the photography of their build postings, then chances are that same level of attention to detail is going to transfer to the actual build itself. This one does, as I really like the ASUS Prime B660M motherboard choice to add a little brightness on the internals, the CPU Cooler is an excellent choice for any white gaming PC, and it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of whenever someone chooses the new Fractal Design case lineup because these are beautiful.
  • GPU Safety – Although this may be a turnoff for the very beginner PC gamers, I do like how DeLeonTech isn’t taking any risks with shipping this build as he clearly states that the GPU will arrive in its own box for safety. When shipping PC builds, the GPU barely hanging on to the motherboard with nothing but a PCIe slot is certainly sometimes dangerous, so just be aware that if you purchase this one you’ll be installing that GPU yourself. It’s very easy though!

Price to Performance Value

This build is definitely competitively priced even if you don’t account for the aesthetics which is obviously something we love to see! If you’re a bit behind on the previous generation performance of Nvidia graphics cards, the 2080 Super that’s in this build is better than the current generation’s RTX 3060 (slightly under the 3060Ti), and then it’s also better than AMD’s RX 6650XT. Most larger prebuilt manufacturers don’t even have readily available sub $1000 gaming PCs, but compared to the rest of the Jawa marketplace right now this is certainly one of the best in terms of price to performance with aesthetics.

First Upgrades

Alright so here’s where the build gets really fun. This build isn’t in an immediate need for an upgrade, but I like our options here. If the buyer ends up wanting more CPU power, then you can easily jump into a better 12th Gen CPU with something like an i7, but you can also wait a bit and explore your options with a 13th Gen as well. On the GPU side, that RTX 2080 Super can be upgraded as well, but I wouldn’t recommend anything less than an RTX 3070Ti to ensure that it’s a big jump in performance. Do note that you’ll probably need a PSU upgrade in here as well if you’re planning on a beefy GPU overhaul.


This is DeLeonTech’s very first posting on the Jawa website and honestly it doesn’t get much better than this for a first time listing. I love how the performance, aesthetics, and even the photography are super dialed in and I personally can’t wait to see what other builds they have in store for us in the future.

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