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The Black Friday Deals Aren’t Over!

Don't miss BubbleTeaBuilds' hot Black Friday deal: a Ryzen 5 3600 & RTX 2080 gaming PC for just $900!

The Black Friday Deals Aren’t Over!

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are certainly not over because BubbleTeaBuilds is coming in HOT with this Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2080 build for $900. Not only are the aesthetics dialed in, but for $900 this has some crazy price to performance value if you don’t mind stepping back a generation with the 2080, let’s dive a bit deeper.

Favorite Features

  • RTX 2080 – Although a 2000 series GPU might be a turnoff for some people, it absolutely shouldn’t be as this is still a killer card going into 2023. The RTX 2080 compares around with AMD’s RX 6650XT and sits in between Nvidia’s newer RTX 3060 and RTX 3060Ti. When you consider that performance alone, $900 for a completed system is an amazing deal.
  • Thermaltake S200 – I still haven’t personally used this one, but judging from the photos this looks to be an amazing case in terms of performance and aesthetics. There’s certainly enough room for solid airflow and temperatures, and I love how clean and minimal the overall design is. There’s also enough room at the top and in the front for a radiator, should the buyer choose to upgrade to one in the future!
  • Free WiFi – The build is fantastic and I could talk more about the specifics, but I also wanted to mention the minor detail that the seller is including a PCIe WiFi adapter card with the build as well. Ethernet will always remain superior, but for those situations where you need to be wireless, you’ll be covered.

Price to Performance Value

This is absolutely screaming value. You just don’t find RTX 3060 or RTX 3060Ti builds for $900 right now, much less a beautiful completed system like this one. This RTX 2080 is more than capable for most people trying to game at higher FPS on a 1080p monitor, so don’t let the 2000 series fool you here.

First Upgrades

There’s a lot of options you can take here, but I would personally add more storage first and foremost. The 500GB NVMe is enough to start with, but the motherboard has more M.2 NVMe ports on there that you’ll want to use for bigger game libraries and media in the near future. After that, you can upgrade to 32GB of RAM if needed, and that Ryzen 5 3600 can be upgraded to a 5600X, or even a 5800X3D if you wanted to.


This is a killer value build from BubbleTeaBuilds and it shouldn’t last long on the market. The older RTX 2080 could delay a purchase for longer than it should, but I wouldn’t anticipate this one being available at this low of a price for a long period of time.

PS, great job on the seller for perfectly laying out all of the key information a buyer would need such as the size of the build, performance tier, recommended resolution, etc. If you’re selling a PC build on the Jawa platform, I’d recommend using this as inspiration for your own build listings because this is fantastic.

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