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A FOMO Free Build

Beat the FOMO with Dandymatix's sleek RTX 3070 & Ryzen 7 5800X build. Offering high-end gaming and productivity in a compact Lian Li 205M case, this rig delivers exceptional value in current PC market conditions. Go "Stealth Mode" with customizable RGB options.

A FOMO Free Build

editor’s note: this build sold like hotcakes! you can check out another awesome build from this featured builder here

We’re in awkward PC buying times right now with some major hardware launches getting announced this week, but this RTX 3070/5800X build from Dandymatix is still definitely worth the purchase!

Favorite Features

  • Stealth Mode – In terms of just aesthetics and design, I really like how this build is put together. Using all black components with some RGB flair not only allows you to turn the color scheme into whatever you want to, but you can also simply turn the RGBs off for “Stealth Mode” which would look really neat. This build would look amazing with all the lights off as it would have an all-black super stealthy look it if that’s your kind of thing.
  • Form Factor – Despite having high end components like the RTX 3070 and Ryzen 7 5800X, this beefy build is still rocking a smaller form factor because the Lian Li 205M case just isn’t that big. This case sits very low to the ground, doesn’t waste any space inside, and has a simple and clean minimal look to it.
  • FOMO Free – Although we just received some big announcements from Nvidia, Intel, and AMD for new hardware, this build is still “purchasable” in my opinion without having to worry about FOMO. The new 7000 series CPUs and RTX 4000 series GPUs would obviously have big performance jumps, but this PC is priced well enough that you aren’t competing with how much a build with the new hardware would cost. With the DDR5 requirement on Ryzen 7000, huge PSU wattage requirements on RTX 4000 series, and their base prices alone, those systems are going to cost a ton of more money to get up and running.

Price to Performance Value

This is a well priced build for the current market that we are in, especially with the Ryzen 7 5800X being great for not just gaming, but productivity as well. Starforged PCs is currently offering a similarly priced (and way less attractive) PC for $100 more, and the Gaming RDY SLMRG205 from iBuyPower has a similar price but with way lower performing components.

First Upgrades

There’s just a few upgrades here that I would consider, but this PC is certainly ready to roll right off the bat. I would personally upgrade the 16GB of RAM to 32GB as my first project, and after that there’s just the standard upgrading routes that anyone would take with most builds. If you want more storage, there’s another NVMe slot on the motherboard, and if you want more FPS then the 3070 could be upgraded as well. You would be at the end of your CPU upgrade potential realistically just as a note.


Great work here from Dandymatix on this build and I sure hope it goes to a deserving home soon! The power and design this PC comes with is priced very well, and this is somehow still a safe buy despite all the new hardware launches that we’ve all been watching.

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