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12400F + RX 5700XT Build by DreblerBuilds

Discover the unbeatable value of our latest 12400F + RX 5700XT gaming PC build by DreblerBuilds! This budget-friendly rig excels in 1080p & 1440p gaming, offering upgrade potential and stunning aesthetics with a white Corsair 4000D Airflow case. Don't miss out!

12400F + RX 5700XT Build by DreblerBuilds

The build featured in last week’s Friday Feature was snatched up real quick, let’s see if that continues this week with this 12400F + 5700XT build from DreblerBuilds. A unique CPU and GPU pairing like this can sometimes deliver a ton of value for the price, and this one does just that while also adding a good amount of upgrade potential and aesthetics.

Favorite Features

  • RX 5700XT – Not often seen in 2022 builds, especially with a new 12400F, the RX 5700XT is still an amazing GPU for the price and it competes with GPUs in the RTX 2070 Super, RTX 3060, and RX 6600XT range. This will easily dominate 1080p frame rates, and you can certainly step into the 1440p realm depending on the title, settings, and FPS target that you’re trying to hit.
  • Color Options (Again) This seems to be a running theme lately, (maybe I need to branch out a bit more) but either way I absolutely love the color choices of this build. The white Corsair 4000D Airflow, combined with white cable extensions and white RGB products allows the buyer to choose almost any color scheme that they want to with a ton of flexibility. Blue/white, green/white, and purple/white would all make an amazing choice inside a build like this, and don’t be afraid to spray paint those grey accent pieces on the case to completely dial it in! They are easily removable and a perfect beginner friendly modding project.
  • Corsair 4000D Airflow Like just mentioned, the 4000D is a great modding case because of those grey accent pieces, but it’s also just a solid case option in general. The front panel provides all the air cooling that you’d ever need, there’s plenty of room on the inside if you wanted to add some extra or bigger parts, and the back’s cable management channels are perfect to keep things just as clean back there.

Price to Performance Value

Again, bigger prebuilt manufactures aren’t offering a ton of value in this sub $1000 range these days. I did run a search on Google for the “Best Prebuilt Under $1000” just to take a peak, and this Skytech Shadow Gaming PC with a 10400F and RTX 3050 popped up, as well as this AVGPC Hellfire II with a 5600G and RTX 3050. It almost hurts to see how many positive reviews these have. I’m sure they are decent builds, but you could do much, much better with something like ours today from DreblerBuilds.

First Upgrades

For the first time ever, I’m actually going to recommend a motherboard upgrade first, but only because it’ll be both a performance and aesthetic upgrade. I’m personally never a fan of the smaller mATX or iTX motherboards sitting inside a bigger ATX case, (especially a white interior case) and the H610M lineup in general just isn’t that great. If you have any aspirations at all of upgrading the CPU to a better i5, an i7, or maybe Intel’s upcoming 13th generation, I would highly recommend picking up an ATX sized B660, Z690, or one of the newer boards coming out in a few months. The Samsung Evo 860 500GB SSD is also a great starting point for storage, but most people are going to want more and you’ll need a motherboard with an additional M.2 slot as well.


Please don’t sleep on this 5700XT + 12400F combo. At less than 1000 bucks this not only has the price to performance that I recommend, but also the color design and aesthetics to go along with it. There’s some quick and easy upgrades for you to do right off the bat if you’re interested, and I’m hoping this one goes to a new home soon!

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