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08/04/21 Jawa Trade Talk

More love for the low end

More love for the low end

  • Very much still a rumor – there is a possibility of AMD Radeon RX6700, RX6500XT, NVIDIA RTX 3050 and 3050Ti cards all launching before the end of the year. Very much still rumors, but could add inventory to lower end cards for people interested.

No way, reasonable MSRP?

  • In the same vein, RX6600XT and RX6600 prices have leaked. Releasing August 11th, the XT will retail for $349 and the other for $299. Info here.

The people get a W

  • Right to repair gets approved! No more will farmers have to hack their own John Deere tractors, the FTC will be re-writing the book on repairing your own devices.

Hand-me-down mining cards?

  • If you were thinking the crackdown on mining operations across the globe could be your opportunity to snag a great GPU for cheap, think again. Research is showing surprisingly fast degradation of these cards – so purchase at your own (very high) risk.

First DDR5, now PCIe 5.0

  • Expect to see PCIe 5.0 SSDs coming out as soon as next year, with the speeds of 4.0 being essentially used to its fullest potential at this point and the updating of motherboards already being on the docket.
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