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Hello, thanks for checking out the Jawa Store page for Critical Hit Computers. Whether your a returning customer, or a brand new one, thank you for the consideration! If Looking for a new Gaming/Streaming PC, or a professional workstation, You came to the right place!

Company Mission: At CHC, we focus primarily on price to performance, and often build systems for the entry level. There is no doubt that the cost of entry into the PC Gaming community can be high and a bit overwhelming. So we set out with a goal in mind, and that is to bring top tier PC performance to the Entry Level price point. This all starts at the build planning process with component optimization. Unlike Many Big Box retailers and etailers who often over-spec certain parts of their systems, then cut major corners in othe areas, we make sure that every component used in a build is perfectly paired and bottleneck free, all while staying within a specific price target.

Don't see anything that fits your needs or budget? Feel free to DM us here on Jawa or on one of our social media pages. We regularly do commissioned builds and would love to have you as a customer!

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