Navy guy with a hobby. I've been tinkering for decades and just want to break even!

I generally sell PCs that I just wanted to build. Not in it for the money, but I also am not in it for losing any either. Generally will entertain offers, but I do have a hard limit and plenty of patience.

While I build a fairly wide spectrum of value, I prefer later Intel and Nvidia hardware with a balance between gaming and production. To this end, you'll usually see builds that are a little overkill on the CPU side; but this is so that buyers can work hard and play hard with the option to upgrade GPUs at some point while (usually) being good on the processor for a generation or two. After all, it's a lot easier to pop a GPU into a PCIE slot than it is to replace the motherboard when the nest step up requires a new socket.

ALL skeetertek PC have and will always have an activated version of Windows.

Feedback is most welcome!

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