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About us: Formerly BitRemedy, Nomad Tech Renew provides great deals on used and refurbished computers and computer parts. We received hundreds of laptops, desktops, servers, networking equipment, and tons of parts each month! We sell the boring stuff on other platforms and hope to put the student, gaming, and full systems on here.

Brief History: Under the previous name of BitRemedy, the warehouse in Murray, UT was closed down August 2023 due to the ever increasing costs of operating a business in that part of Utah. Having closed everything down, I was offered a partnership with a competitor that saw the good that BitRemedy did. Unfortunately because this new location was 40 miles north, I was the only person of my 13 person team to move up north to rebuild.

General Store Policies: Returns: Not accepted. Exchanges: 30 days to start an exchange. Shipping: We ship usually within 1 business day, rarely does this exceed 2 business days. Business days do not count weekends or Federal Holidays. Refunds: Only available in the case that an item is very different than what was advertised, arrives damaged and no replacement available. Discord Users: @nomadtechrenew - Sean, aka the person you'll be talking to on Jawa!

Goofs, Gaffs, and Shenanigans: Congratulations to Blue Ghost Technology for purchasing Bertrand the Pet Rock and for providing him with a caring home, on 12/9/2022. {oO}

We often times like to have fun while making money. Jawa is the first platform we actually feel at home, where our sense of humor is appreciated by the community. We find that in these days, its best to have a laugh from time to time.

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