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About us: We are a computer recycler based out of Murray, Utah. We process all sorts of desktops, laptops, and sometimes server computers. We break down systems for parts so we can provide parts for repair shops, hobbyists, and IT companies. We help keep the fight to repair alive by providing uncommon computer parts that are no longer manufactured back into circulation. is home to our consumer grade desktop parts, such as video cards, motherboards, memory, processors, and power supplies.

eBay is home to our other products such as laptop parts, server components, network equipment, and more.

We have partnered up with another local seller "Insolvency Design" - you may find our listings on eBay under this name. This is a business agreement we have with our partner store here in Utah to help us offer the best service to our customers.

General Store Policies: Returns: Not accepted. Exchanges: 30 days to start an exchange. Shipping: We ship usually within 1 business day, rarely does this exceed 2 business days. Business days do not count weekends or Federal Holidays. Discord Users: @Sean-BitRemedy - Owner/operator, listings, wearer of many hats @zackomana - Zack, our Desktop Technician @minimesha - Skye, our Listing Manager

Goofs, Gaffs, and Shenanigans: Congratulations to Blue Ghost Technology for purchasing Bertrand the Pet Rock and for providing him with a caring home, on 12/9/2022. {oO}

We often times like to have fun while making money. Jawa is the first platform we actually feel at home, where our sense of humor is appreciated by the community. We find that in these days, its best to have a laugh from time to time.

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