GTX 1060 3gb GAMING PC


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This is a great starter pc for someone who is just looking to get into gaming for the first time, it has a GTX 1060 3gb paired with a modern Core i3 10100f, a pretty modest match


Processor: Core i3 10100F

Ram: 16gb DDR4 2666

Storage: 500gb NVME

Graphics card: GTX 1060 3gb

PSU: Corsair vs500

Motherboard: Asrock h510m

Case: Montech x2 Mesh

I offer a 90 day warrany through my business, and can add wifi for $30 or more storage for reasonable rates depending on how much you are looking for. Message me privately as well if you are looking for a cusom build, and if you are looking for ones in different price ranges, check out my page

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Brand New in Box