Excellent Condition EVGA 1080Ti FTW3


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2 years



This is still one heck of an amazing card for 1080/1440p high fps gaming. The card was used in an NR200 case with dust filters, and good airflow.

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Usage2 years


Manufacturer EVGA
Part # 11G-P4-6796-K2
Chipset GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Memory 11 GB
Memory Type GDDR5X
Core Clock 1569 MHz
Boost Clock 1683 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 11016 MHz
Interface PCIe x16
Color Black
SLI/CrossFire 2-way SLI Capable
Frame Sync G-Sync
Length 300 mm
TDP 250 W
DVI Ports 1
HDMI Ports 1
Mini-HDMI Ports 0
DisplayPort Ports 3
Mini-DisplayPort Ports 0
Expansion Slot Width 2
Cooling 3 Fans
External Power 2 PCIe 8-pin
DVI-D Dual-Link 1
DisplayPort 3
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Used, Like New
2 years