“The Fridge” Ryzen 3700x and Rtx 2060


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Fridge-Themed 1080p and Mid-Range Gaming PC! Expect High FPS for most games out in the market: Pm me for negotiations or general questions!


CPU: Ryzen 3700x

GPU: Rtx 2060

Mobo: Asrock X570 ATX PG with wifi!

PSU: Seasonic Core 500-Watt 80+ Gold Semi-Mod

Case: Gigabyte L200 Mid-Tower Case

CPU COOLER: Msi CoreLiquid 240mm Aio

RAM:Xpg Adata D50 Cl18 3200mhz 16 GB Ram

3argb Fans and 2led strips

NVME SSD: Gigabyte 1TB NVME Ssd

FPS Performance 1080p

Halo Infinite: 89FPS Low Settings

COD MW/Warzone: 87FPS Medium Settings

GTA V: 109FPS Very High Settings

Fortnite: 111 FPS Epic Preset

CSGO: 345FPS Highest Settings

Apex Legends: 126FPS Highest Settings

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