BNIB Travel ITX Build!


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An ITX build to travel or upgrade your family PC. Can support gaming at 1080p for 60 fps - even graphically intensive games Good for a travel ITX build as it slides right into a book bag! Good for a college dorm or home desktop It is also ideal to get your younger sibling off of your battle station while introducing them to their first desktop

Parts -

  • AMD Ryzen 4650G with Vega 2 Graphics
  • Cooler Master MasterAir G200P
  • Aorus Pro AX B550I
  • 16 GB 3200 Mhz T-Force Delta RAM
  • 512 GB T-Force Vulcan 2.5" SSD
  • Wifi Built In
  • In-Win B1 case
  • 200 W Gold Rated PSU
  • Windows 10 pro Install not Activated*

Parts were bought before 5700G release or announced.

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Brand New in Box