Gigabyte GTX 980 4GB WINDFORCE 3X OC Card


This is a monster. A monster you could own. Do you feel lucky? You're about to be. This thing may have been built 6 years ago, but you wouldn't know it once you fire it up and burn through whatever you throw at it. I've used this thing with an HTC Vive VR setup, to run Destiny 2 (even run it IN 4K at an astounding 40fps), with more cooling than an A/C and enough power to push a small car, this monster will serve you well for years to come. It's an amazing overclocker with plenty of thermal headroom, the cooler on this card is the same 600w rated cooler used on the GTX Titan Black Windforce card. This GPU can also support hundreds of additional MHz of memory clockage and quite a bit of core clock increase without much or any voltage increase because of its surprisingly efficient and consistent voltage use. If you have any offers or questions feel free to DM me @AnAvocado on Discord!

See this review for some more info: (,3941-4.html)

Usage4 years


Manufacturer Gigabyte
Part # GV-N980OC-4GD
Chipset GeForce GTX 980
Memory 4 GB
Memory Type GDDR5
Core Clock 1203 MHz
Boost Clock 1304 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 7000 MHz
Interface PCIe x16
Color Black / Silver
SLI/CrossFire4-way SLI Capable
SLI/CrossFire3-way SLI Capable
SLI/CrossFire2-way SLI Capable
Frame Sync G-Sync
Length 298 mm
TDP 165 W
DVI Ports 2
HDMI Ports 1
Mini-HDMI Ports 0
DisplayPort Ports 3
Mini-DisplayPort Ports 0
Expansion Slot Width 2
Cooling 3 Fans
External Power 2 PCIe 8-pin
DVI-D Dual-Link 1
DVI-I Dual-Link 1
DisplayPort 3
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