Never Used Fractal Prisma AL-14 + Fractal GP-12 & Bonus 500GB HDD



What you get:

1x Fractal Prisma AL-14 140mm ARGB PWM case fan. 1x Fractal GP-12 case fan. 1x Bonus Item: Western Digital Blue 500GB 2.5” internal HDD (WD500BPVT-22HXZT3)

Only one of the AL-14, since I am using the other two that came in the box. The GP-12 came with my Meshify C case.

These fans were not used, ever.

Bonus Item is a hard drive I only used to load Windows on to get my Lenovo Laptop working — they sent me a replacement drive, so I never put any actual personal data on it, or even connected to internet on it. It does have some scratches on it, but I tested it (and formatted my Win 7 off of it) and it works perfectly.

All items ship in the original Fractal box. The Prisma fan alone is sold at $30 bucks for a single, or 65-75 for the box of 3. And you get a bonus storage drive, you can turn it into a quick portable hard drive for cheap.

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