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Comes with a ACTIVATED windows 10 install. CPU Temps are 37~ idle, and have reached around 70° under stress. There is no onboard wifi. There is a Tempered glass side. I used the PC for a few days to make sure it performs well. It has been great during long gaming sessions, and games run great. Computer is very fast, and is great value for a casual gamer. Computer would also work well as a workstation. Perfect computer to have while you wait for a gpu in the current shortage. Great for multitasking . MOBO leaves much room for upgrades (M.2 SSD & GPU)

CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G

SSD: Silicon Power 512GB NVME SSD

RAM: 16gb 3200mghz Ram

PSU: EVGA 650 Watt

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Brand New in Box