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    Jawa Verified Sellers

    What is a Jawa Verified Seller?

    Our verified sellers are people that we know and trust, and get access to the following benefits:

    • Extra seller protections: If something goes wrong in your transaction we will make it right, even if that means covering for you out of our own pockets
    • Promoted listings: We feature Verified Seller listings on our Discord channel, email, and Instagram, to help you grow your business and move your parts faster

    How do I become a Jawa Verified Seller?

    To become a Jawa Verified Seller, complete the following steps:

    1. Email us at askjawa@jawa.gg with the subject line “JVS request” and include your responses to the following questions:
      1. What is your Discord ID and Reddit username, if applicable?
      2. How did you find out about Jawa?
      3. At Jawa, we value getting parts and builds into the hands of gamers at fair prices. We are not the site for scalping. Are you on board with this?
      4. Please tell us a little bit about your business. For example, are you a casual seller, do you buy and sell parts as a side hustle, or do you build custom rigs for a living?
    2. We will review your responses and schedule a 15 minute call with you to help you onboard.

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