Buyer & Seller Guides
Buyer and Seller Guides

Shipping a Product

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays for shipping. The shipping cost is calculated using the seller's address and buyer’s address and the cost is added to the total product price at checkout.

How do I ship my product?

When listing a product, you can choose from two shipping fulfillment options: Jawa Shipping, or Manual Shipping.

With Jawa Shipping, once someone buys your product, a shipping label is automatically created. You can find the label in two places: from your order confirmation email, as well as under “MY SALES” and “VIEW DETAILS” under the sold product. You'll need to print the label, attach it to your package, and ship it out within 3 business days of purchase.

Shipping is calculated based on your product dimensions, your location, and the buyer's location.

Please make sure that the listed product dimensions are accurate to avoid complications and delays. Shipping surcharges that result from incorrect dimensions and weight may be withheld from payouts.

If you select Manual Shipping, you're responsible for creating a shipping label. Once someone buys your product, we'll email you instructions to upload a tracking number into our system. Afterwards, please ship the package out within 3 business days of purchase.

If you're having problems creating a listing, or have particular shipping needs that aren't covered, please contact us at and we will work with you on getting a label for the item that you are trying to list with us.

Can I insure my packages?

When you select Jawa Shipping during product listing, you can opt-in to insurance provided by Shipsurance. This service costs $0.0125 per dollar sold (either the list price of the item, or the accepted offer price if the item is purchased via offer negotiation), and is paid for by the seller.

Filing Claims
  • Claims for packages insured by Shipsurance must be filed within 120 days from the date of shipment.
  • If the package was damaged in transit, notify Shipsurance and the Carrier as soon as you find out it was damaged.
  • If the package was lost during transit, wait 20 calendar days before filing a claim.
  • You can submit your claim here:

For more information about coverage, check out the Shipsurance Terms of Service

If you do not opt-in to shipping insurance, or list products with Manual Shipping, you will be responsible for issues that arise in shipping and handling.

Note that some shipping carriers automatically provide some insurance with their packages, e.g. USPS Priority Mail, which automatically comes with up to $200 of insurance automatically at no additional cost.

If you have questions about shipping, insurance or the claims process, please contact us at

Can I ship internationally?

Currently our marketplace is limited to the United States, however we plan in the future to include Canada and potentially other regions!

Packing your items for shipment

  1. We teamed up with super seller Gtech to give you this informative video with everything you need to know on packing and shipping a gaming PC.

    Some highlights:

    • Secure everything inside of the system. We recommend using Instapak to ensure that all of the internals of the system do not shift around during shipping.
    • Pack the PC into a box. We generally recommend using the original box that came with the PC Case or the PC itself. In the event that you do not happen to have the original box, you would have to be creative in ensuring that the chassis is secure and snug inside of the box.
    • Secure the box. It is generally recommended to double box full systems and provide additional padding to ensure that the PC does not sustain any damage.

  2. Make sure your part is protected during transit
    • You want to make sure that when a part is packaged there is no room for movement during transit - use bubble wrap and anti-static bags in order to protect your parts during shipping.
    • The rule of thumb here is that your item should be packaged well enough to survive a drop to the ground from eye or chest level.
    • Leave at least 2 inches of space around the item being shipped on all sides for protection and to qualify for shipping insurance. Packages sent with USPS Priority mail labels come with basic insurance of up to $50-100, however for higher priced items greater than $500 please refer to your shipping provider to purchase insurance for these items.
  3. Now that you've packaged your part, make sure that the package dimensions are the same as in your listing for the shipping label. In order to check package dimensions that were listed for your order, please navigate to “MY LISTINGS” in the profile dropdown banner. Then navigate to the sold listing and click on “EDIT THIS PRODUCT” from there it should show your previously listed dimensions for the listing. If the dimensions are different, email us at before printing the label.
  4. Print out and attach the shipping label to the front of the package
  5. To ship, head to a dropoff location for your shipping provider. For USPS orders, you can alternatively set up a "click-n-ship" account on the USPS website if you want to ship from the comfort of your home.

How do I get my shipping labels?

Once someone buys your product, a shipping label is automatically created. You can find the label in two places: from your order confirmation email, as well as under “MY SALES” and “VIEW DETAILS” under the sold product. You'll need to print the label, attach it to your package, and ship it out within 3 business days of purchase.

Are there restrictions on sending parts in the mail? (thermal paste and power supplies)

Check with your local post office to ensure that any of the electronics you are shipping to sell on Jawa qualify for insurance and are good to ship nationwide!

Can I cancel an order after a buyer purchases my item?

You are able to cancel in the event that you are not able to fulfill the item, or have obligations that will not allow you to fulfill the item in a timely manner. In order to cancel the order, please email with your order number and cancellation reason.

Please understand that it is a negative experience for the buyer when an order is canceled. Because of that, canceling orders puts you at risk of losing your Jawa Verified Seller badge and / or losing access to the platform.

What do I do if I need a new shipping label?

Create a ticket in the #rules-and-support channel in our Discord server, or email to request a new label with the necessary changes.

What if I don't know the weight and dimensions of my item?

Best practice is to pack your item prior to listing to get the most accurate weight and dimensions of the item packaged. If you do not have any measuring tools handy, you can usually look up the product dimensions through Google or Amazon and then add a bit of extra weight and dimensions to account for the box.