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Buyer and Seller Guides

Freight Forwarding

What is a freight forwarding / reshipper company?

A freight forwarder is a middleman delivery service between a seller in one country and a buyer in another country. Reshipping companies are typically located in the United States. They receive and forward the item to a buyer who is located outside the United States.

International buyers are allowed to purchase on Jawa if they provide a US shipping address and pay with a US-based payment source. Buyers can use a freight forwarding service as their US-based address. However, the buyer must get the seller's permission before purchasing.

  • If a buyer doesn't get the seller's permission, Jawa may cancel the sale and withhold an amount equal to the fees during the refund.
  • Sellers are not responsible for lost or mishandled packages once the item is delivered to the freight forwarding company.
  • The seller is not responsible for international shipping costs to have the product returned if the buyer used a freight forwarding service.
  • Buyer protections do not apply to orders sent to a mail forwarding address